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  1. Just a heads up, not Dr Ruback, he is a PA. Just keep that in mind if you talk to him again.
  2. Hey folks! I am a current PA student at OHSU (PA17, WOOHOO) I remember how nerve racking this process can be. Let me know if you have any questions, etc. We are here to try and help as well.
  3. I had to double up and it was not a problem. I took an A&P 1 combo for my undergrad but it was not enough so I took anatomy 1 and seperate physio 1 with labs at a cc later. They had no problem with this and I was not even asked about it.
  4. I was curious- If they are so over-manned why are they offering 17 scholarships this year? My detailer was floored when he could out. Said it is the first time in forever that they have offered double digits for scholarships. Just curious on your thoughts behind that?
  5. I was accepted as well!! Looking forward to meeting the rest of you that have received the call and I am rooting for those of you that are still waiting!
  6. I received a call this morning as have a couple people in my group!
  7. Mine was in my inbox. And I had CASPA verified, supplementals, and payments all completed in mid-Jun
  8. I got an interview invite for 10Oct. Received the email yesterday!
  9. Yes I just heard from them today. They invited me to the 30Sep interview but I had to defer to 28Oct instead. Either way extremely excited to be considered.
  10. Hi everyone! Just got invited to interview! I know we have all been waiting anxiously so this is a good sign. Good luck!
  11. Yes from Oregon; 3.7 overall 3.5 science; 6000+ HCE; 310 GRE; 100+ shadowing PAs and Drs
  12. Oh no I already got an interview invite. I was just answering NLRP3s question about when I submitted
  13. I had everything completed and submitted mid-June including supplemental. I waited for my spring term transcripts.
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