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  1. Hello-- I am a Physician Assistant in Illinois looking to start an LLC for revenue associated with asisting fees gained from first assisting (kind of a moonlighting gig if you will) Can't find any good legal information on the permisability of PAs owning an LLC. AAPA has a bulletin that suggests PAs can't incorporate because we aren't licensed under the Medical Practice Act, on the Physician Asst Practice Act and are thus cannot own corporations that provide medical care. Looking for advice and resources here. If not an LLC, how best to report/reduce taxes on extra earned income?
  2. Hello-- Looking to get an idea of what percentage/hourly rate of compensation to ask for. I will be working one day per week in a combined clinic and surgery cases. Currently have 3 years plastics experience including micro. Anyone have any suggestions about what to ask for in terms of reimbursement. This is also a practice that I would consider joining full-time in the future. Thanks!
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