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  1. Congrats y'all! If you have any questions prior to your start in July, feel free to reach out.
  2. Nutrition is also an option instead of immunology. "Immunology/Virology.You may substitute nutrition, molecular biology, cellular, or embryology although immunology or virology is highly recommended."
  3. 1.) I would highly recommend against doing a walk-in. The school conducts information sessions for a reason. If you have any questions regarding the TOEFL or GRE waiver, please email the program. 2.) Richmond is quite a ways from Galveston. Typically, you're in class 3-4 full days (8 or 9 in the morning until 4 or 5 at night) and 1-2 half days during didactic. Google Maps shows that commute at an hour and 20 minutes each way. You're going to burn out if you commute almost 3 hours every day. Unfortunately, PA school is a sacrifice--some more than others. We have one classmate in our class who sees her kids only on weekends during didactic. Regardless, I certainly applaud your tenacity in pursuing the profession. Please reach out if you have any other questions about the program (at least from my perspective).
  4. 15 full time faculty members to ~90 students in each class (88 in ours, 92 in the newest class)
  5. I'm not part of the admissions committee, so I have no idea what actually happens post-interview. Based on the timeline, I think they separate interviewees into accept, waitlist/revisit, and deny piles. The latter two don't hear back until much later in the cycle. If you don't hear back, there's not much you could do except wait and find out if you're waitlisted or denied altogether. That said, UTMB does pull students from the waitlist quite a bit. They don't give your spot on the waitlist like they did in the past.
  6. Also, congrats to everyone who got in! And good luck to everyone interviewing over the next few weeks. If y'all have any questions about the program, structure, faculty, etc. feel free to reach out. From my perspective, the program is only getting better, especially given the number of new faculty the program has hired in the last year alone.
  7. The deposit is $1000?! Jeez, it was $200 two cycles ago...
  8. Check the previous year's thread. It's is 2 one-on-one interviews with faculty.
  9. The site visit already happened. We will all hear back from ARC-PA this month. You'll find out long before you even interview at UTMB.
  10. Was put on the alternate list today. Good luck to everyone who made it through!
  11. They should have orientation for a few days before the summer semester starts. You'll have the opportunity to meet with faculty and staff at that time. The white coat ceremony also happens during the first week (I think that Monday?). The summer semester is a breeze compared to fall/spring. Take advantage of it! You'll be taking three courses (Intro to Health Professions, Patient Eval I, and Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine). Only Patient Eval I has a lab component to it. If you haven't already, join the Facebook group for the incoming class. Plenty of information there.
  12. I reached out and asked about the number of spots available. Apparently they don’t fill a majority of their spots until the end of June. I just submitted my application last week, so here’s to hoping! Fingers crossed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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