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  1. Yikes Sorry to hear this. What Ed volume do you have? Any changes that you have liked?
  2. Thats good to know. I'm pure 1099 currently so the benefits aspect is a non issue for me. I get no PTO, 401K, insurance etc.. I currently have a great RVU based model for bonus that I doubt will be matched but if so that will be awesome. I'm in Augusta.
  3. Hello all, My current ER will be under the management of EmCare starting in a few months. I am curious if anyone here can inform me of the typical salaries and bonus structure they offer. I'm currently in the southeast. Thanks.
  4. I have an opportunity to become a partner in an emergency medicine contract in Georgia. This will include profit sharing and democratic decision making. I have been working in emergency medicine the last couple years. I don't know of any PAs that work in an ER like this. I was hoping to connect with someone on the forum and ask how this is going. Thanks.
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