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  1. Good evening! I love being able to constantly reference this thread - it is extremely helpful during this PA process. This is not my first question, so thank you again for your support, insight, and patience to this forum. My question is related to work experience. I have been a medical assistant for 4 years, in both primary care and surgery, and I find myself particularly frustrated by the job. Although I have learned a tremendous amount, especially when working with PAs, I feel that I have exhausted the job and have mastered its necessary duties. Which is exactly why I want to become a PA!! Since I am still fervently working on attaining that goal, I am considering other work possibilities. Obviously, I would like to remain in the medical field, but I am looking towards surgical scheduling or a higher administrative position. I have thousands of hours of patient care experience, and therefore meet the work requirements for applications. So I would like to know what your opinion is concerning the work CHOICE, should I stay a medical assistant due to the direct patient care, or would it be okay to venture in to other medical positions??
  2. @MaxPower I have taken Meeical Terminology through UNE and would highly recommend it! I'm about to start their pathophysiology class as well. Although the classes are substantially more expensive than other places, I have found that you get what you pay for. After working on applying to PA school for many years, I have found that most programs have somewhat "ranked" the systems of class taking. Obviously #1 is getting back in to a class room setting, with a higher preference for strong 4 year universities. If you can't do that, #2 is taking challenging online courses through a well known 4 year university. #3 community college on campus classes. And #4 online community college classes. Although options 3 and 4 will be less expensive, I think where you take the course, how many credits you took, and your work load all factor in towards your application! I have 3 out of these 4 options on my transcript and am saying all this based off of the feedback I have gotten from schools. So take it at UNE or some other large program. Harvard and UC Berkley have some great online courses as well.
  3. I haven't heard much of anything either. But I'm glad to hear that they haven't completed interviews yet!
  4. I have been going back and reading some of the responses that are a part of the thread "Ask a PA Admissions Director", since that is the Methodist director. She has stated that they don't send out rejection letters till May 1, when all final decisions are made. So I am trying to stay optimistic! I started a new job a few months ago as a medical assistant in prominent vascular surgery office here in Atlanta, GA. I work with some really fantastic surgical PAs and it's really put even more fire in my heart and mind about becoming a PA. I've learned so much getting to work with them, and Methodist is my top choice. All that being said, it looks like interviews have started up again. Anyone else heard anything? :)
  5. @jkang Hi! No, I have not started pathophysiology yet. I finished medical terminology with Dr. Wyant. But in the mean time, I got engaged, and am planning a wedding. And then I decided to get a new medical assistant job and move! So I decided it was better to hold off on the class until I had more time to devote to it. However, I do REALLY want to take it! I've had trouble finding universities in the area that have evening science classes. I am also considered UC Berkeley's Genetics course if I can't get in a classroom setting again. Personally, I wouldn't suggest taking more than one at a time. But I tend to over extend myself with activities and work. If you think you can handle the work load and get A's. Go for it! It's not worth the time and money unless you are pulling in high grades to help the GPA. If you decide to take it soon, let me know it is!? I plan to take it in the spring.
  6. @KAT1229 Thanks for the info! I submitted my application at the end of July and I'm still waiting to hear back. I want nothing else but to get accepted, but it seems my college years are just too much for admissions committees to look past. I got a rejection from Wingate a few weeks ago. I have a feeling that I need to start from square one and just take a break for awhile and take classes to increase my GPA. But! I've still got my hopes up about Methodist. It's hard...this whole process bases your work ethic and capabilities off of what you look like on paper. I wish I had been more focused in college!!! No time for what ifs though. Best of luck to everyone as we all continue to wait to hear back! My fingers are crossed so I can show them my brilliant and engaging personality! Lol ;))))
  7. @SCPrePA11 Thank you for your question! And @mgriffiths thank you for such a clear answer! With all of the researching that I have done, it seems that I misread the admissions requirements multiple times. I have some seriously low grades pulling down my calculated CASPA GPA. But since you clearly stated they recalculate the GPAs based upon their specific prerequisites, that totally changes things for me! Since I have retaken many classes, I was able to fix my undergrad GPA. But I had decided to not apply to South based upon my CASPA numbers. But I am thinking they don't look at those science GPAs quite as closely as their own calculations. If anyone disagrees, please let me know!!! Thanks! P.S. I recently drove up to MI (and have done so many times in the last few years, since I completed my undergrad up there). I pass South College on I-75 each time, but have never stopped and looked around campus. I am thinking of doing so as I make my way back down the highway this coming weekend. From the highway, it looks like a very simple and small campus. But that seems like a good thing to me. Everything is close! I'm thinking I'll get out and walk around campus as I pass through :)
  8. Congrats wareagle223!! And thanks for the timeline! Very helpful :)
  9. @apple687 WOAH! You have some stellar GPAs there. That's great. However, your GRE score is a crazy red flag. What happened!? Do you plan to retake the GRE? But maybe it doesn't necessarily matter. I didn't see a minimum GRE score for Wingate's. But I think some schools look at it and it gives them an idea of how you might do on the PANCE in the years to come - since they are both standardized tests. Just a thought! :)
  10. @RC36 thanks for the info! Greatly appreciate it! I emailed them last week to confirm that they had received my last LOR. Also to update them that I am still working on finishing med terminology. Got a quick response that everything is received. And it sounds like my application hasn't been reviewed yet. So the waiting continues....
  11. @CSCH Oh! Ok good to know. Thanks so much!
  12. @CSCH YAY!! Congrats! I tried to look back on your posts, but couldn't tell - when did you submit your application? Just trying to get an idea of how long it usually takes to hear back. it's been 6 weeks for me.
  13. @DeterminedPA I think that when they talk about proof of residence(ie GA), it pertains to receiving in state tuition vs. out of state! And then proving you have US citizenship. The only school in the South that I have come across that requires you to live in certain states is East Carolina University. So no worries! @Scfan Congrats on that interview!! Check the previous threads for some great tips for the interview. Previous classes tend to post some good insight! Let us know how it goes?!
  14. No, I believe they accept students from any state. I have never seen that sort of information on their website.
  15. Your GPAs are fantastic. It takes at least a year to apply, get in, and then start school. And in that amount of time, you can build up at least 1000 hours of HCE - just make sure you get the right position. Make sure you stay on track with the PA shadowing. That will come in handy and is a requirement for a lot of schools. So I would go ahead and apply.... Just make sure you have a good essay as well!
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