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  1. I hate to burst anyone's bubble, and it's totally possible Kate has info that we don't, but we just got our schedule through the beginning of February, and there aren't anymore interview dates in January. It's possible they're doing it on a Saturday (in which case it wouldn't show up on our schedule), but you may want to clarify that you're asking about the PA program- other programs may have different interview schedules, or she may have misheard you.
  2. The cohort has typically been 50 students in the past, so I imagine it'll be the same this upcoming year. I think there are ~30-35 interview candidates in each session, and 4 interview sessions are being conducted this cycle. Hope that helps!
  3. I would imagine so. Some people in the last interview cohort were still receiving admissions offers outright, so I think they back fill from the waitlist after all those offers have been made
  4. The last interview is scheduled for 12/13, but i'm not sure about if/when all the interview invites have been sent out. It's possible if someone declines at the last minute, they may offer the interview to someone else.
  5. Admissions does not release how many seats are on the waitlist, or your position on the waitlist, unfortunately.
  6. Very thoughtful! Her name is Amy Lucas, but unfortunately, I don’t have her contact info. Maybe send to Jankowski and ask him to forward along? Or google her?
  7. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted and waitlisted! A facebook group will be created in the spring so you can connect with each other as well as your 2nd year mentors. Many 2nd years going out on rotations will likely be selling their old books (or giving them to you as your mentor, if you're lucky!), as well as possibly furniture, and posting housing leads
  8. Current first year here: Interviews are being conducted through at least December
  9. Current first year here. My PERSONAL opinion based on the demographic of my cohort, is that UNE is interested in candidates that want to stay & practice in Maine. After all, who wouldn't want to train their own? That being said, most schools probably feel that way. Our cohort is largely from the New England area, but there are handful from across the US, including myself. Interviews are being conducted at least as far out as December, but I don't know beyond that. Hope that helps!
  10. Current first year here. The social is really just for the interview candidates to meet some of the current first years, ask their questions, and get to know a little bit more about the program from the student perspective. We don't keep track of who comes, faculty are not involved at all and don't know who does or does not attend. Solely for your benefit.
  11. just got the email, moving onto the secondary application! fingers crossed for everyone!
  12. congrats to everyone who has received an interview! Just accepted an invitation to interview 12/1. I'll be flying in late Thursday PM from California, so will be around on Friday if anyone wants to meet up. Staying at the Ramada just west of campus ?
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