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  1. I will advice you to take extra easy classes to boost your GPA and also ve more health care experience.
  2. A FB page sounds great. We can get to know each other before class starts. I have no clue about New York, so keep me posted if you hear about any housing info. Thanks
  3. I have been accepted! I sent my deposite already. Am now looking for housing/appartment. Anyone have an idea where to live?
  4. I wasn't accepted but I was placed on an alternate list. Congrat guys
  5. My letter was frm the PA department with the room number and time. And it states that, there will be a writing sample and the interview will last upto 4hrs. It also require a pic and also any update on ur transcript
  6. Sorry for the delay! The interview was great. They asked a lot of question and the writing samples was also simple. We were ask to write about the healthcare experience and how it will help us with the PA program. Simple questions lie tell me about ur self and why LUI, why PA, duties of a PA etc
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