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  1. Yay!!!! We are so excited! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Search and request Maine PA Class of 2016. Congrats on getting accepted!
  3. Post here if you've been accepted and plan on attending! Excited to meet all of you :)
  4. UNE interviews 4 sessions: October, November, December, January.
  5. Hi all, I am a current student in the UNE PA program. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a note! Good luck :)
  6. Undergrad Ed School: University of Hawaii and Fitchburg State University Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.62 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.50 Age at application time : 21 (applied to 5 schools, no interviews), 23 (applied to 5 schools, 2 interviews, 2 denials), 25 1st GRE: V (590) M (570) AW (4.5) 2nd GRE: none Direct Patient Care : 1700 hours Physical Therapy Aide, 2000 hours Emergency Room Technician, 200 hours Massage Therapist, 3200 hours Pharma Lab Analyst Extracurricular/Research Activities: ER Volunteer Medical Missionary to Nicaragua PA Shadowing x 60 hours Schools Applied: George Washington Albany Medical University of New England Long Island University Bay Path College Eastern Virginia Medical College Mass College of Pharmacy Application Submitted Date: August 2, 2012 Schools Received Application Date: September 2012 Interview Invites: Albany Medical, University of New England, Long Island University, Bay Path College, Mass College of Pharmacy (5) Denied: George Washington, EVMC (w/o interview) Waitlisted: Albany Medical College, University of New England, Bay Path College, Mass College of Pharmacy Accepted: Long Island University Accepted last minute off of waitlist: University of New England Attending: University of New England! If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself up and try again....and again...and again!
  7. Sarah the written portion was really easy. You will basically be outlining your healthcare experience in a similar way to your personal statement on CASPA. You have plenty of time to write it. Don't sweat this interview - it's probably the most relaxed, and quickest, one you'll go on!
  8. Dear PA Admissions - this thread is a gem to find on this site! Thank you! I am a 26 yo re-applicant with a 3.57 overall GPA and 3,000+ hours of HCE. My GRE is above the 50th percentile. My HCE is varied in Cardiac Rehab, Physical Therapy, Volunteering on a Medical Mission, and Emergency Medicine. I have received 5 interviews this year and have so far been waitlisted at 2, and denied at 1. The other 2 are still up in the air - but now that I have gotten the rejection I obviously have a bad feeling about them. I would assume I look appealing on paper if 5 schools picked it up and said yes to the interview...right? It must be my interview that is holding me back - although when I left, I felt they all had gone well. I'm not an overly bubbly person, reserved at most, but I made a sincere effort to let my interviewers see my personality. A PA I asked said that I might simply be too 'Plain Jane' for a lot of schools that are looking for diversity. Do you have suggestions for how an applicant might stand out? There's nothing very crazy about me, I just really want to be a PA! Additionally, if I don't get in this cycle, I will re-apply. Do I try to scrounge together money to take additional coursework? Or do I just keep building up my HCE? Is it advisable to get new individuals to write recommendations? Should my personal statement be entirely different than last years? Apologies for the question overload - any help would be truly appreciated!
  9. @Waldo, I'm in the same boat as you...hoping that this time no news means good news!
  10. Has anyone from the Feb 6th interview session heard anything? I'm still waiting.....
  11. I have a friend that interviewed the 6th also - she received a rejection on/around the 11th. Maybe that means we are at least in the maybe pile!:sweat:
  12. Has anyone from the February 6th interview session heard back? Waiting (not so) patiently!
  13. HA! Love it :) Dawn, I work with a PA who has a similar issue - not the no brain bit, the eye bit - however she's very adept at all sorts of procedures in the ER. I have a slight strabismus too - have had two surgeries to correct, but still a few wobbles here and there. As time goes by your brain and muscles will adapt and things will "straighten out" per say. In my opinion, you shouldn't let anyone tell you any different - no one at any of the programs I have interviewed with has made any mention of it either!
  14. I got an invite to interview earlier this month...Will anyone else be there on the 26th?
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