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  1. Yea there is, Theresa should have sent an email and she has to add you to the group.
  2. I dont know, but if you find out if there is one please let me know.
  3. i got the call that I got accepted last night!
  4. But I do appreciate your update, so keep them coming as you hear more!
  5. good idea! you never know with this type of thing!
  6. Yikes! so It seems like "s" would have been in line for today..... :/
  7. Not yet... But my last name starts with an S so if it is alphabetical im towards the end..
  8. Good for them!! But concerning to me because I didnt get a call!
  9. I heard after Thanksgiving, but you never know !
  10. I did some investigating and I heard the beginning of December as well:(
  11. I have not heard anything back yet. I hope they give out offers before December.
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