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  1. the details you add are contact info, length of experience, the type (volunteer, for acad credit, paid) and description of the experience (I want to say 600 char limit) And the FAQs specify to only enter current certs/licenses (so no expired BLS etc) CASPA does not verify this part of the app. thats up to your individual programs to contact the orgs that you list. hope this helps :)
  2. PA-S Peppa

    Experiences section: in first person?

    I wrote some in first person and some in third. I think given the character limit, as long as you convey effectively the details of the experience, I doubt schools will care what person you use.
  3. PA-S Peppa

    CASPA update

    I asked CASPA this a while ago and they said schools are notified of app changes. But I figure so many programs are inundated with apps that they may not bother to see the notification so i'd bring it to their attention with an email just to be extra sure they see it.
  4. PA-S Peppa

    Loan Repayment

    bump...I am also still approx 30K in debt from undergrad...wondering what options I have to take care of PA school and undergrad loans if anyone knows more
  5. PA-S Peppa

    Anybody use this to prepare?

    Can anyone say what the single best book to buy is for the didactic year? Is the PEARLS one the best one?
  6. Hi everyone! Post here if you've been accepted and want to start getting to know each other!
  7. PA-S Peppa

    2015-2016 application cycle

    I am still on the alternate list here, but I will be giving up my spot since I got an offer closer to home. Wonderful program and beautiful campus, though! Good luck all :)
  8. PA-S Peppa

    2015-2016 application cycle

    I will be giving up my position if waitlisted! Good luck everyone!
  9. PA-S Peppa

    North Carolina: Elon University

    I just got an offer closer to home and let Brandy know I will be giving up my interview spot. Hoping one of you gets it! Good luck! :)
  10. Good luck everyone. Don't lose hope and let's be positive. I was starting to think of my new strategy for reapplying next year but things always have a way of working themselves out! :D
  11. PA-S Peppa

    2015-2016 Cycle

    Wow! Congrats! thats a quick turnaround.hopefully those of us that just interviewed hear back that soon. they told us it would be a few weeks up to a month!
  12. PA-S Peppa

    2015-2016 Cycle

    how long was the wait for those of you accepted after your interview?
  13. PA-S Peppa

    2015-2016 application cycle

    Do you know if they accepted more than 75 (ie more than the class size) in anticipation that not all might accept their offers.
  14. PA-S Peppa

    2015-2016 application cycle

    Can everyone who gets calls post what day they interviewed so we can see what order they call in? Congrats again!

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