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  1. yes! they are still avail as of time of this post!
  2. shipping if buy individual books: $3, FREE if buy all the books together Will update this ad when they are sold. I'll take Paypal/Venmo and ship with media mail with tracking info for you. Learning Radiology: $15 Pocket medicine: $15 Clinical Procedures: $15 Bates Physical Exam: $25 Patient Management: $10 PRECIS gynecology: $10 EMT Prehospital Care: $15 Medical Terminology: $7 OnlineMedEd Clinical $80 No holds unless Venmo/paypal ahead. Will update as each book is sold. PM with titles wanted. All new condition and a fe
  3. Sorry about this. I can imagine how exhausting it is studying for the PANCE 3 times. Have you noticed any weakness in a particular organ system or do you maybe suffer test anxiety? I wouldn't rec buying PPP3rd if you have the 2e already. It was just layout changes based on the blueprint but the disease content is the same more or less. And dont bother making study guides for the PANCE, that is just reinventing the wheel. FInd a few resources you like to study from and keep practicing Questions with a q bank. I have printed binders of Medgeeks 2019 PANCE and OnlineMedEd Clinical notes
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