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  1. it is called MGH Institute of Health Professions Physician Assistant Class of 2018 (the Facebook group)
  2. I interviewed 7:30am on the 16th. They said it would take max 3 weeks for them to respond with acceptances... so keep waiting :)
  3. Anyone under review around the 25th of September receive an interview invitation yet?
  4. From the website, we will not be hearing anything 'til January? That's a hard wait, especially if we have other interviews....
  5. Just sending in the supplemental. Good luck to all!
  6. Just called to check on when interview invites would be sent out and they said "mid to late September".... Just FYI
  7. Hi all!! I haven't seen a thread for this year's application cycle so I thought I would start one and say hello. I submitted my app late June.
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