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  1. There is a hotel right in the same area. I think it’s called homewood suites. You can literally walk to the school from there.
  2. Hi :) I’m lisa. I’m a current 2nd semester student here. If anyone has interviews and has questions or anything you can ask. It’s best to message me on facebook since this is the first time I’ve been on here in a few years and just thought I would mention it. On fb I’m Lisa Fellis :p probably the only one. It’s a pic of me in my white coat and a blue dress.
  3. Just got my interview invitation Monday. Only date available was January 8th and I'll be out of the country. Emailed her back and they had a cancellation for tomorrow 2/2. So I will be interviewing tomorrow. Just got my caspa application all done end of November or bwvhunning of December because Troy me EMT school transcript
  4. I have my interview tomorrow. I have been researching a lot more in depth and thank goodness everything is confirming how much I want to do this. If I don't get accepted, I will just try to be a better canidate next time. Good luck everyone!
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