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  1. Yes, I also spoke to someone in admissions on the 17th. She reiterated that there are still spots available and they likely will be interviewing one more time in January. So, we shall see .
  2. Has anyone received an interview with UTHSCSA for next month, in December?
  3. Thank you, I really appreciate the good vibes. Best of luck to you too! Especially as we try to wait patiently
  4. After not getting an interview in 2012 and 2013, I met with the admissions coordinator at the time (I live in San Antonio). His advice was I gain patient care experience, increase my volunteer hours and retake any courses that I made C's. I had only my bachelors then, so it was hard to show significant academic growth and improvement. My undergrad GPA wasn't strong, like 3.1 something and a 3.2 science GPA, plus a poor GRE and minimal experiences probably greatly affected my interview chances then. It's now been a 7 year gap since I last applied in 2013. I obtained a master's in nutrition and
  5. Thank you Yes, hopefully just a generic email! It's so hard to not looking into these things.
  6. Did anyone receive this email today? Virtual Information Session PhD in Health Sciences "Join us for a Zoom webinar on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, to learn more about the Ph.D. in Health Sciences program. The Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences degree program is designed to prepare allied health professionals to assume major leadership, research, and educational positions within their professions." I had just spoken to admissions this morning, and was told my application was still "under faculty review". Then an hour or two later I receiv
  7. I believe they have started pulling from the waitlist. Hope this helps and gives hope!
  8. I was told that after 1-2 weeks post interview, if you did not receive that initial rejection notice, you are still under consideration for a seat! When all the interviews are conducted, they go back and review a second time those individuals that did interview but were neither selected or rejected at that time and make a final decision. I don't know the definite timeline but that's something. Good luck!!
  9. I completed an interview workshop by Ryanne Coulson. It helped me a lot and I was successful in gaining an acceptance. Not to say this workshop is why I got accepted, but it helped me be more effective and concise in framing my answers to questions like “why PA, tell me about you”, etc. She provides a method to help you to focus on what’s important within your experiences, or the main take aways. It was a method that helped in creating a unique and authentic response, specific to me. It’s definitely worth looking into.
  10. cGPA: 3.20 sGPA: 3.10 Post-baccalaureate: 3.91 Graduate GPA: 4.00 PCE: 10000+ HCE: 3000+ Volunteer: 120 Shadowing: 100 5+ years practicing as a registered dietitian
  11. I was also accepted on 7/13. Good luck everyone!!!
  12. Yes, I am interviewing this Friday as well.
  13. Does anyone know how many applicants they will be interviewing total for this application cycle? I have an interview scheduled and was just curious. Some programs share that information. Typically it’s around 100, but could be up to 120.
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