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  1. Yeah, I had certainly heard of people breaking the 200k mark. Seems doable depending on the specialty, location, experience, etc. But over 350k? I've just never heard of any PA salary reaching that level.
  2. Anyone have thoughts regarding which residencies/fellowships are best in terms of overall training received and quality of practitioner produced? The websites can be informative, but an insider perspective would be appreciated. I apologize if this has been a previous thread in the past. If so, I've had trouble finding it, and would appreciate a link. Thanks!
  3. Just take the time to make healthy meals and exercise. You can't, nor should you, work non-stop during PA school. Let cooking and working out be some of your moments of calm and sanity. Has worked for me throughout my didactic year.
  4. That doesn't sound frustrating at all!
  5. How common is it for these guys to work less than typical hours? Just seems like it would be so tempting for them, since they could work less and still make an impressive salary.
  6. Oh man, big bucks. Shame I'm not really that interested in derm!
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