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  1. PA Forum Members, My wife and I are looking for a bit of assistance. I was recently accepted into the Interservice Physician Assistant Program in San Antonio, TX and my wife will be graduating from the NOVA PA program in Fort Myers, FL this August. Our objective is to find a final rotation site for her and an employer for the duration of my didactic period, about 16 months, starting in August. We will be moving to TX the last weekend in July and she would need to start her three week rotation shortly after. If you have any advice, networking contacts, knowledge of available positions or would be interested in taking on a PA student, the help would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to PM me or email me directly at mtentis10@gmail.com. Thank you for your time. Matt
  2. Mark V. You have a lot of good advice above to refer to. I'll tell you my experience quickly. I joined the Army National Guard right out of HS and became a medic (68W). The Guard was my choice because I could attend college full time; I knew what I wanted to do in my civilian life, so it made sense. Active duty is fine, but I dont see you having the same flexibility with pursuing your college degree as you would in the Guard. My assumption though. When you look into picking your undergraduate degree, make sure you consider the typical PA program pre-req classes. I didnt do this and ended up taking a number of classes after graduating with my bachelors. I earned a BS in athletic training, which was great in terms of medical training, experience and applicability to serving my soldier, BUT it didnt require many of the hard sciences I needed for PA school. It was mentioned to get additional skill identifiers. I think the point is to gain a variety of experiences in the military and take advantage of leadership and professional development opportunities. Programs will look at you as a whole person when considering you.....well, most will. Anyway, I've been in the Guard for almost 9 years, have been on two deployments and last year I applied to numerous programs, including IPAP (mentioned above). I have been accepted to a great civilian program and should hear back from IPAP any day now. Its exciting, but it took me a little over 10 years to get to this point and everything I have done since graduating HS went into that resume and application process. Point is, develop a plan, build your resume and dont get distracted by unnessary BS (doesn't stand for a degree ;) ) The military is a great route and it will set you apart from your peers. Join to serve your country, gain great experience, enjoy the benefits and opportunities that service provides and you can't go wrong. My two cents anyway...
  3. PA forum members, I have been researching a disaster relief organization for military veterans called Team Rubicon. See the link to their website below. Additionally, there is a link to a TED talk by one of the co-founders. I have a strong interest in getting involved with a humanitarian aid organization as a future PA (I am starting school this summer). Does anyone here have knowledge of Team Rubicon, positive and negative? Also, are there any resources out there to research the validity, effectiveness, personal security, etc of aid organizations? Team Rubicon - http://teamrubiconusa.org/ Team Rubicon TED Talk - Thank you for your time. Matt
  4. Narcan, I have been on two deployments and both times I brought items, like books and other projects, thinking I'd have the extra time to myself. Boy, was that dumb! haha! I served as a medic in an aid station during the last tour and one book we all found especially helpful is Orthopedic and Athletic Injury Evaluation Handbood by Starkey and Ryan. The majority of patients we saw had musculoskeletal injuries, both acute and chronic. Brushing up on that area will likely come in handy.
  5. To my knowledge the meeting is today and I am also awaiting/hoping for a resonse. Nothing as of yet!
  6. Troygem, Your interest in the military is commendable. I have been in the Army National Guard for 10 years this summer, will be going to PA school starting this summer and intend to stay in for another 10 (at least) because I deeply enjoy taking care of Soldiers and serving my country. Make sure you are joining for the right reasons. Being a medic, I have come into contact with a number of providers who didnt want to be there. I suspect they only joined for the finanical reasons and thought it would be an easy way to pay for school. This is a completely bull*$#@ reason to join, in my humble opinion. Just make sure you join for the right reasons, money being VERY low on the list. If financial gain is the only reason, you will most likely regret your decision. Trust me, I've seen many disgruntled Soldiers for that very reason. My best advice, and I went through this on a few occasions. Do some deep soul searching, make sure your family is FULLY aware of the variables and choose the service that fits you because you want to serve. It will be worth you time.
  7. Please disregard this post. If you are reading this thread, searching for an answer to a similar question, my recruiter recently informed me that an applicant cannot submit packets to back-to-back selection boards. You must skip one board. Matt
  8. I am a member of the ARNG and have been placed on the wait-list for the April 2013 IPAP class. I have been planning to re-apply immediately for the August 2013 class after improving my packet. The recruiter wanted to confirm that I can re-apply right away and/or while I am on the wait-list. After two weeks, he has not been able to do this for me and I have not found the answer in the regs. Can anyone here answer my questions and provide the source? Thank you for your time. Matt
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