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  1. It depends where you work. In my organization, NPs and PAs have the same base salary. And we have annual salary raises based on merit.
  2. Thanks...yeah that's my plan. This is getting ridiculous. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the responses. I do feel surprised and offended that the patient would ask me to lie. The patient is returning tomorrow for "lab follow up" even though she only did labs 2 days ago. There are no labs available yet of course. I believe she wants to show up and ask me for excuse note for the day. She also came today to accompany her father to see his doctor and also got a excuse note from her father's PCP today. After the visit, she smiled suspiciously at me and told me she's coming back for me tomorrow. What do you do in this case? Do you write an excuse note a patient for just seein
  4. A patient asked me to give her 1 week off work so she can go to her work at her second job. I said I can't do that since this isn't even health related. Then she asked me to make up a medical lie. I said I cannot do that either since that would be very dishonest. I was tempted to write a note to her supervisor in a sealed envelope that said "X asked me make up a lie so that she can have a week off." Do you guys deal with these requests too? How do you respond to them?
  5. Yes they easily make more, especially if they rack up OT. The nursing union is a power force in CA! The NP I work with said she made more when she was a ER nurse.
  6. One of my friends started with 90K doing orthopedics in SF. I started off with 120K in outpatient primary care in SF. The rent is high in the city. I heard Stanford pays news PAs starting at 130K. So it depends on location and the practice but I think 90K+ is fair for a California PA in general. Hope this helps!
  7. Nvm, after much searching I found the answer. Looks like it's too early to renew for me. http://www.pac.ca.gov/licensees/renewals.shtml LICENSE RENEWAL PROCEDURES Currently active licensees may not renew earlier than 3 months prior to the expiration date of their license. A physician assistant has two options for license renewal, by mail or online using the BreEZe Online Services. You are eligible to renew your license online if: Your license is in active or inactive status. Your license expires within the next 90 days. You have completed your Continuing Medical Education requirem
  8. Has anyone tried renewing license yet? I'm reading http://www.pac.ca.gov/licensees/licensee_faq.shtml#6: Physician assistant licenses are renewed every two years on the last day of your birth month. A courtesy renewal notice is sent to your address of record approximately ten weeks prior to the expiration date. Verify your current address of record and expiration date on-line, or call (916) 561-8780. Processing time for license renewals is six to eight weeks. Click here to renew online. So when I click "renew online" it takes me to my "quick start menu", but I do not see an option or b
  9. I'm the only PA at my clinic. Nothing is happening here.
  10. Maybe you can join SFBAPA and ask some of the surg PA's in it during the socials/dinners.
  11. During my hiring process, I was told by HR that our company only covered state license insurance insurances for MD, DO and NPs only. PA's were so new to the practice (there was only 1 before me and he had already left), that only those 3 professions were listed in their contract or whatever legal papers they already had, but not PA's. I spent a long time on the phone debating with HR why I should also get compensated, but they wouldn't have it. I kept reasoning with them over the phone multiple times, and finally they talked to the medical chief/director about it and finally they relented. It
  12. At my work, there are 7-10 NPs and I'm the only PA, but we get paid the same. In CA, PA's aren't as well known, but we'll get there.
  13. In short, go to college, take the prerequisites (can be slightly for each program) take GRE (some programs require/some don't), get healthcare experience (some programs require/some don't), apply on CASPA.
  14. Do you guys have CT scans available where you work? I work in a clinic so we don't have any. CT's have to be scheduled and it won't be about another week until they get it done.
  15. I had a similar question on this. We don't give Ig in our office. We'd have to send them to ER to get that. I had an adult patient who had a finger would from a stable gun. His Tdap was over 5 years ago andI just gave him a Td to be safe. But here's what I got from a colleague booster + Ig after 10 years (*more than 10 years last dose) only booster if between > 5-10 years Ig also for severely immunocompromised I also heard if the wound is very dirty and tdap is unknown, just send them to ER for Ig. I think if it's just a splinter or mild burn, it's safe to not have
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