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  1. I received an interview invitation via email today
  2. I would contact the admissions department, to verify that information
  3. oh ok... I got an acceptance call the same day you did and was wondering how long it took to get the acceptance package in the mail
  4. How long after your acceptance phone call did you receive a letter in the mail?
  5. @Boston24 still patiently waiting..
  6. Just received an email invite to submit a supplemental application yesterday.
  7. If it follows the same timeline as the previous interview date, looks like towards the end of next week you should hear!!! Exciting Stuff
  8. To whoever applies to this program, make sure that you have a career interest in Public Health. It is a huge focus of the program.
  9. I applied last year to Barry Univ, and it took about a month after my application was verified to get an email response that they received it, so there is still time. No worries.
  10. I know they don't start interviews until september or october so there is still plenty of time.
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