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  1. I’m in Staten Island NY, worked EM for 15 years, left about 1.5 years ago for UC, salaried now at $178/year with bonuses on top but they’re not to exciting. I miss the ER for sure, but not the hours.
  2. Hey guys, has anyone every seen hourly rates of 100hr + ?? I have but they were only locums positions. If so what was the specialty?
  3. You work ER? Sounds like your may work for Team health with that OT is paid hourly unless specified. Iv had team health pay me double time when they were in a spot. That was years ago. But I agree, hourly is the way to go. I am salaried now and you cant even give a shit away because you then own them for the house and have to either pick up a shift or use PTO. ER was hourly and I liked it a lot better for the flexibility of moving shits around. I also remember when I was right out of school Team health offered time and a half for OT, I asked them to remove it from my contract, knowing it would
  4. My feel for new grads is they should do a minimum of 5 years EM. I feel EM produces some of the most well rounded PA's who can transition to almost any specialty if they choose. Yes, ICU is a different experience. I have worked 15 years EM, and recently 1.5 years ago switched to UC. Do I feel myself loosing brain cells, yes. But the hours are better. UC is not a place for new grads IMO since there is no teaching.
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