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  1. Which do you prefer to use in pregnant patients for VTE prophylaxis for outpatient surgery..heparin or lovenox?
  2. Last night's Night Shift on NBC disappointed. A character on the show announces he is studying to become an MD. One of the ER physicians suggests to him that he should be a "physician's assistant" while he studies to become a doctor. "It involves a lot of scut work and a lot of ego boosting." Seriously NBC!!!! What a poor representation of our profession. The article below states it briefly as well.... http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/reviews/showbuzzdaily-season-premiere-review-the-night-shift.html
  3. Will you always be able to discern a very small inguinal hernia on CT? If a patient has just a sliver of peritoneum herniating without associated fat or bowel, will this be definitively seen on CT?
  4. For those practicing PAs...Is it customary to receive an annual cost of living salary increase? If so, is this in addition to any yearly salary increase? How receptive are employers to a set percentage increase for cost of living on an annual basis? Is this the norm for the profession? Looking forward to hearing from many of you.
  5. I work in general surgery covering two rural hospitals with my SP. As a new grad I am at 85K. I definitely would NOT take anything without a guarantee of at least 75K. Bonus structures scare me...a lot of unknowns. It's nice to have a cushion/guarantee when you know you have bills coming. A bonus should be just that - a "bonus." How much PTO?
  6. To those stating annual increases: Are you receiving these increases because they are stated in your contract or are you renegotiating salary annually? Or are you receiving it without having to ask for it and it not being documented in said contract?
  7. Anyone have success aspirating a hematoma that has begun to calcify per imaging done to rule out associated fracture? Or should the patient be taken to the OR for drainage and drain placement?
  8. Patient with what appears to be a persistent posterior cervical lymph node. Would an ultrasound guided biopsy or ultrasound of the area be best?
  9. I truly fall into the category of "work until the work is done" despite the hours put in. My salary is based on a 40 hour work week but work 45-50 commonly. Funny you mention asking to take days off unpaid is illegal....that is the other option for holidays/office closure days instead of using PTO that I am told I can opt to do. I think I've just come to the realization that it isn't worth fighting although it still sits completely wrong in my mind. It's as if being a salaried employee is only beneficial to the employer if you get paid the same amount no matter how many hours you
  10. HospitalExec, Thank you for your reply. The Healthcare System/Hospital System I am employed through recognizes six holidays when the office is 'closed.' In addition to this, this office is closed the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. (The last three days I mentioned are subject to change every year depending on what day of the week the holiday falls.) I acrrue 24 days of PTO per year or about 7 hours every two weeks. I just hate having to use more than a third of my accrued time on days when the office is closed. My PTO is in one bank as you mentioned....for
  11. gbrothers98---thank you for your response. You provided some great insight. The 5% increase annually seems ideal. Have you ever had to sign a 3 year or multiple year contract without annual increases or opportunity for negotiation? Do you think a 5% annual increase is "customary" or "reasonable" in the eyes or an employer?
  12. When I accepted my current position, my contract was a 3 year term. With negotiations quickly approaching, what is the norm when it comes to terms of the contract? 3 years? 1 year? No time period specified? I work as a surgical PA with a hospital system. Pros/cons of different terms? Thank you.
  13. How many wRVU's are typical for a surgical PA working in the office setting and first assisting?
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