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  1. Hi Scott, I am a student in the on campus program at UW, and very close with all of my Distance classmates. What can I help you with? Krista
  2. Concordia Univ of Wisconsin will start their first class this summer and is planning on being accredited come fall.
  3. Those of you accepted and planning on attending check out the other page on here, class of 2015 and our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/UWMadisonPaClassOf2015 It's a great opportunity to start getting to know each other, discuss housing, classes and prepare for our two year trek!
  4. Anyone interested in living together? Let me know on Facebook: krista Kasuboski
  5. YEAAA! Let's start a facebook page...as in someone else lol. I would if I had any clue how. Congrats everyone!
  6. Tomorrow!!!! The looong wait will be over! Good luck everyone.
  7. Hopefully during your shadowing time you got to know the PA well enough to know their hobbies, likes, etc. One of the PAs I worked with LOVED popcorn so I got her a little basket of popcorn seeds, salt, bowl and blockbuster giftcard. Another one was a bag of coffee for someone. I agree that nothing more than a card is needed, but I did work with her for a while. They will appreciate anything you give them I'm sure.
  8. Hi Sarah! My name is Krista. Congrats to you as well. Sorry I am not from the area. Did you try caryapartmenthomes.com? This was the site they recommended at the interview day, and suggested looking in the Grafton area because it was most likely the cheapest. I haven't even started looking yet so you're one step ahead of me. I'll be bringing a dog too so if you find anything let me know.
  9. @pow15, KBelen, sarah burke: Here is a link for all those accepted... http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/37983-Inaugural-Class-of-2015?p=372829#post372829 ... congrats everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all.
  10. To the newly accepted Concordia University of Wisconsin inaugural class of 2015...the application process is over! We're in and about to begin a crazy journey together. This is a page to discuss housing, orientation, classes, materials, and anything else that might be on our minds. Congrats everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
  11. The small group activity was them asking us questions about the PA profession, getting a feel on how much we know and how serious we are about becoming a PA. JUST KIDDING! The activities included a building/program tour, campus tour, and a financial aid meeting. The whole day was pretty relaxed and comfortable. Good luck!
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