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  1. Update: I got in! I am so excited to meet y’all! I’ve been living in San Antonio for 8 years (and plan on doing so for a long time) so feel free to message me any questions about the city, I’ll be happy to help. Also is there a group I can join for accepted applicants of 2023?
  2. congrats! I also interviewed on 1/26 but haven't heard anything back
  3. still waiting on decision either for interview or no interview
  4. Congratulations to the accepted ones ! I got the unfortunate email this morning from Texas tech but still waiting to hear back from 4 schools
  5. just got waitlisted... congratulations in advance to those who will get accepted!
  6. I spoke to the program this morning and apparently they'll be sending out instructions later this week, good luck man we got this!
  7. Btw.. how did y’all word a request to reschedule? I’m just trying to sound as professional as I can
  8. Hello i am a medical lab sciences student about to graduate in may 2015 wanting to apply for PA cycle 2016-2018 in texas. I would like to ask you if what i have is worth applying for the next cycle 1 year clinical rotations experience throughout the lab =1200 HCE 6 months as a laboratory technician PRN = 700 and counting 8 months as a phlebotomist in 2009= 750 hours Volunteer service Over 1300 hours as a leader of a catholic church group and organizing retreats for young adults( i was the head coordinator) this is still accruing 40 hours as volunteer at a physical therapy rehab fo
  9. I am a medical lab scientist about to graduate in may 2015. i have a job offer from blood donor services that will allow me to be in contact with myasthenia gravis, sickle cell anemia patients among others. my question is, is this a good patient contact experience? or should i seek a side job as an EMT or something else?
  10. Hey there same thing I need a PA to start shadowing as soon as possible please contact me at lfhernandez_2@live.com or reply to this thread if any info. I will appreciate it so much.
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