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  1. HoCroPA - I am just reading this as I am searching the forum for information about Boston. I am an Urgent Care PA in Pennsylvania moving to Boston in June 2017, by then I will have 2 years of UC experience including DOT physicals. Are you happy at your job? Would you mind sharing where you work (maybe by private message), it sounds great!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to note your experience. I will collect the information regarding MA state license application next week to ensure I am licensed by December at the latest!
  3. Hello- I will be moving to Boston, MA with my SO who will be a fellow at Brigham & Womens Hospital next June. I am currently practicing in Urgent Care in Pennsylvania. I have a little over 1 year experience with a company I love, this was my first job out after graduation. At the time of the official move in June 2017 I will have 2 year of UC experience. This being my first PA job, I have no experience with relocation (new state license, when to start searching for a job, headhunters, etc). I had planned to start looking in October - is this too soon? When should I get my MA state lic
  4. Can we get this thread alive again? I loved reading the responses! One of my favorite is tick removal, counter clockwise with moistened cotton tip applicator. It has worked every single time, with the tick dead or alive.
  5. I'm very happy with my position. I am due to get a pretty sizable bonus in April. I could have never imagined getting a raise and a bonus being within the company for 8 months. Western PA does pay less for Physicians and PAs due to oversaturation (we have 5-6 PA schools in Pittsburgh and in an hour radius,brought estimate) and UPMC dominates the market - they own everything.
  6. I am practicing in western PA which is one of the lowest paying areas for PA's. Starting new grad 38-40/hr. I know a colleague in GI with 2 years of ED moonlight experience who was hired a few hours away at ~$93,000.
  7. Full time for traveler I believe was 13 shifts/month but I chose to be paid at the 14/month as the salary was more. If I work over 15.5 shifts per month I get paid time and a half. Number of patients seen depends on which clinic you're at. Usually averaging 30 patients daily in 12 hours. The most I've seen was 48. Coverage is always a physician, if the clinic sees over 30 daily they will add a PA, if they are averaging over 60 pts daily they will add a 2nd PA. It doesn't always work out perfect, but they try to predict how busy we will be. At the "busy clinic" we will sometimes have a doc
  8. Insanity, It occasionally does get a little crazy there as far as # of patients per day but I always leave with a smile on my face. Benefits include, in no order of importance: always snacks at the clinics and beverages 7 days of unavailability each month without taking pto No ceiling to how much you can make (if you want to work 20 shifts per month you can) Bonus pay over a certain # of shifts per month I have been there only a short period of time and have already received a raise and possible bonus mileage pay CME with yearly increase you can be treated (and your family) for free
  9. I do. I work as a travel PA in the Pittsburgh area. Pay rate is about $10,000 more/yr then the other jobs I interviewed for (urology, FM, pain management) and the benefits are insane. Any specifics I can answer for you?
  10. I work 14 12 hour shifts per month, sometimes 3 12hr shifts in a row. This is in Urgent Care, I love my work/life balance - allows a lot of vacation. I also have 7 days each month I am "unavailable" without using any PTO.
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