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  1. Decided to give up my seats in both program! hopefully that opens up space for anyone here! good luck!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1825750251023902/ Try it now and let me know
  3. Here it is! Please request and youll be added https://www.facebook.com/groups/1825750251023902/p
  4. For those accepted, ill create a facebook page so we can all introduce one another.
  5. They email, I was just a unique case to be informed about my acceptance cause of placing a deposit.
  6. Bayshore leaving an opening to manhattan.
  7. I got accepted to both schools, manhattan and bayshore, and received a call, she hasnt drafted the emails but will be sending it out shortly.
  8. As far as i know, April 26th was the last one.
  9. Thank you so much for all your wonderful responses! Im still deciding, im in love with Touros clinical affiliations and PANCE test however still seeking information on Mercy College affiliations to make a determining decision? Are clinical rotations a determinant when it comes to school of choice? and length of rotations?
  10. Thank you for your help, i went ahead and sent the email regarding the decline in PANCE scores and framed the question in asking about changes in faculty or curriculum? lets see what they have to say
  11. I appreciate your response, i want to phrase the question in asking about the decline of their pance rate, how can i formulate this question to admissions without stepping on their toes or offending them? Any advice?
  12. Appreciate your response, what type of information can i provide that would add clarification to the matter, the declining pass rate is something that has come to mind, but what helps make a good decision in terms of factor?
  13. Hey all, im conflicted on two acceptances that i have received and its an honor to be in a position to choose between two acceptances. The question i had for you all is how to differentiate in choosing schools? is hospital affiliations critical in making a choice? is employment after graduation a determining factor? School 1: class size of 40-45, with 100% pance rate for the past three years, hospital affiliations with top names hospitals: Touro College of Manhattan School 2: class size of 65, with pance rate of 90% in 2014, 86% in 2015, 84% in 2016. Mercy College What are your thoughts and has anyone been in this positions and can further shine light on this matter, thank you
  14. I receive an email for an interview at BS on the 19th this month too, i feel like its very late considering april anyone know how the interviews are scheduled? MMI or one on one with faculties? Greatly appreciate any response
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