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  1. Hi all, for those suffering from PANCE anxiety LOL: Graduated 5/15/15, used A Comprehensive Review For the Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistants book, PANCEMASTER question bank, Kaplan question bank, and CME4LIFE flashcards (based on above book), took the PANCE on Tuesday 5/26/15 at 130pm eastern, received PASS results today (Thursday 6/4/15) around 1030am eastern. Was top in my class, scored very high on packrats and got thru all of the schooling unscathed. Walked out of the PANCE knowing I changed many right educated guesses to wrong and felt like I failed. Most of my classmates so far have felt the same. So far all have passed. I not only passed but did much better than expected and predicted. So there is it folks; take the test and breath, and then enjoy time off between the PANCE and starting your first job. I wish you all success on your PANCE and careers!
  2. Congrats to all accepted and with pending acceptances. Get ready to fly by the seat of your pants come year 1 in May--my best advice before it all starts--spend time with friends, family, and loved ones and don't work right up until classes start--take a break and come in rested, bright eyed and ready to go. Also, make good friends with a couple here, especially if you don't know anybody--that goes a long way in times of stress (there will be lots of it) and helps if you form group study sessions. Congrats again and welcome to UNE
  3. abduffin--you likely would have already heard from UNE regarding an interview date--I would put my focus into the "other options" you have or try again next admission cycle.
  4. No a word for me and I was part of the early interview process (before Xmas) this year. I sent 2 emails to Kristi (one today and one last week) about that and no response....
  5. Any accepted students coming from across the country like myself? I'm looking for a 1 br/studio preferably furnished place. Any leads or help out there? reply back or private message me.
  6. Any accepted students coming from across the country like myself? I'm looking for a 1 br/studio preferably furnished place. Any leads or help out there? reply back or private message me.
  7. I start PA school this year and right after my 30th bday. All the schools I interviewed with were similar--lots right out of college, lots like me (2nd careerists in mid-late 20s), and then a little bit of folks in mid-late 30s, early 40s. Didn't notice much older than that at my 4 school interviews. Average seems to be mid 20s from my experience. Like others have said before, who cares. Age is just a number and with the advent of good food science, exercise, and plastic surgery who knows how old everyone is nowadays--just kidding :) Passion=Desire=Who Cares About the Details=Go For It!
  8. Interview process is straightforward and very similar to other PA programs' except for night before social with current students. I would highly recommend to attend it if you can because they eased most people's worries and seemed to be brutally honest about things discussed and questions asked. After the night before social, next day you first have a presentation by current faculty on UNE's program in the lecture hall. Then you have 2 one-on-one interviews (one with faculty-most are PAs and one with a community PA who was a UNE grad for me). You also have a group tour with a current student and a written essay. The essay has a turn-in-by deadline that you have plenty of time to do between the events of the day. Nobody is going to hold your hand and say do it now and I managed to get mine done in a single seating in the lecture hall where it was most quiet. Out of all my essays at different PA school interviews, I felt UNE's was most easy and fair. If you get the same essay as I did, there's nothing to do to prepare. Just read carefully, compose your thoughts, maybe have scratch paper to write some notes on and write clear, concise but thoroughly. The order of events for interview day is mixed for everybody and you will have designated first year students that will help you to where you're supposed to be. Overall, went smoothly and was stress-free. I got accepted and as of right now plan on attending this May. Private message me with anymore questions. Good luck to all and stay warm because I had my interview months ago when it was still warmer outside. I'm from Michigan and I hear it's a bit colder there.
  9. Yo zbowman--where you the guy during interview day doing a tour with a bowtie?
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