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  1. I went down today to pay my deposit. They said that there are still quite a number of students who have not responded their acceptance or paid deposits. They said that final decisions should be around Dec 10 for those of you still waiting. Good luck guys!
  2. Mary i retook a few courses because if the 6 year time limit, i also retook courses i took wayyyy back when I was younger, fresh in college, to improve my grades, i think as long as they see that your most recent courses are consistent good grades then that shouldnt be an issue if you retake...good luck!
  3. in_vitro....Yes, I have applied to Detroit Mercy the past two years, but this is my first year applying to WSU and first year getting an interview. I am a medical assistant so I am able to get alot of direct patient contact hours that way. I think just gaining more experience in your current job and you said you are an EMT and that is a great field for pioneering into the PA profession. The most important thing is to spend as much time working with patients and that is one of the best ways to improve your application. I think the interviewers will be able to connect with that and hopefully the
  4. hughe2cl, don't get too discouraged and just remember that if this is what you really wanna do, it'll happen eventually, just keep trying and keep applying. This is my third year applying to PA school and every year getting denied only makes you stronger and more determined to get in. I also heard that Eastern Michigan is opening up their PA school and start admitting students May 2014, so thats also very promising! Im sure you will make it next year. Don't give up!
  5. Does anyone know that when they do notify the applicants, is it all in the same day or is it days/weeks apart?
  6. I think im also gonna have an anxiety attack as well! I cant take this anymore!
  7. Thanks for the advice efhalsey! My interview is tomorrow....im on pins and needles but am trying to stay positive:=D:
  8. For any current PA students or pre-PA students, is anyone familiar with the laws governing PAs (Michigan)? Also, what are the current biggest issues in healthcare? Issues that PAs face? Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I am currently trying to prepare for a PA school interview. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone, my interview is coming up on Nov 2. Im extremely nervous and have never been through the interview process? Did they ask you many situational questions and did you feel like they were drilling you? Ive read and tried to prepare myself for many questions but get the feeling they are going to stump me with something i wasnt prepared for.
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