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    NHSC 2014

    https://programportal.hrsa.gov/extranet/application/nhscsp/login.seam When you login, the status is listed near the top of the page.
  2. arawl

    NHSC 2014

    Based on older forums, it looks like credit checks began in July-August and finalists were notified as early as the end of the July to as late as early September. I don't know if the timeline will be the same or not for this year. Classes for me start in a week, so I hope to be busy enough with school that time passes quickly. Fingers crossed for all.
  3. arawl

    NHSC 2014

    Thanks VidaUrbana! I called a few days back, but the person I spoke with didn't sound very confident and I was getting a little nervous with the upcoming deadline. Thanks for the reassurance. Good luck!
  4. arawl

    NHSC 2014

    When you view the PDF of your completed application, does it list anything on the Letter of Recommendation page? Mine said that everything was complete and I submitted my application but that page looks blank when I view the confirmation.
  5. arawl

    NHSC 2014

    Submitted my application today. Good luck everyone!
  6. arawl

    NHSC 2014

    I'm applying. Trying to pin down my second LOR and working on my essays this week.
  7. So did anyone set up the group? I searched but didn't see one.
  8. It sounded like they would be doing a tour of the facilities and meeting faculty, but I'm not entirely sure.
  9. I thought the group interviews were also nice for getting to know some of your potential peers. It was really laid back and much less stressful to me than the individual interview. The writing assignment was also very straighforward. All in all, nothing was set-up to trip you up. It's been said again and again, but just be yourself.
  10. Will you be attending the open house in October?
  11. I just got a call today! I got in! I was there on September 16th in the afternoon group. Good luck to those still waiting.
  12. I also got a phone call confirming my application. About 2 weeks later I got the email for an interview.
  13. How were the interviews? Did you have a chance to speak with current students and tour the campus?
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