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  1. Thanks Mike. I will work on it. I have been wondering how not to be the administrator. Maybe starting a group will fix that.
  2. [h=2]I named the facebook page MEDEX NW Spokane Class 17. It is not a private site. I think you can just "like" the page to follow it.[/h]
  3. It was suggested to me that I start a facebook group for our class. I friend requested a few of you to start the process. A.J.
  4. Mariah says our information "packets" are in the mail to us. She asked that we let her know if we do not receive them by Friday. Peace, A.J.
  5. I spoke about 20 minutes too soon. I just got the offer! Party!!!!!!!!! I'm going streaking................!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations Becky, Aaron, Sarina, and Don! I'm praying for my call tomorrow. A.J.
  7. I'm guessing no one heard anything last week? Hopefully we all get great news on Monday. Please share if you get a call one way or the other. Good Luck! A.J.
  8. I just counted and I think we have 9 for dinner. I called Luigi's and changed the headcount to 10 (in case i missed someone). I have Jeff, Shana, Shawn, Sarina, Don, Aaron, Anna, and "remf15." You guys can give me a call on my wireless phone if you have any questions, get lost, whatever? See you all soon. 208-631-7874. A.J.
  9. For those that don't like the cold, you won't like Spokane. You should just stay home and save some seats for us locals :wink: I made dinner reservations for 12 people at Luigi's Italian Kitchen for 6pm on Friday 16th, under the name MEDEX. All are welcome. See you there....in your heavy parkas and moonboots. A.J.
  10. Well, I want to pick Azteca, because I love Mexican, but maybe flatulence-inducing food is a bad idea? How about Italian? Luigi's at 6. I can make a reservation if we get a rough head count. It looks like about 6 so far. Anyone bringing significant others? Does anyone know if this is the first interview for Spokane? Will there be another? A.J.
  11. 6pm sounds good There is a Chilis at 207 West Spokane Falls Boulevard Azteca Mexican at 245 West Spokane Falls Boulevard Luigi's Italian Restaurant at 245 W Main St Any of those sound good?
  12. I would like to meet up also. I live and work locally. I can suggest hotels and restaurants. Let me know you are looking for. A.J.
  13. Funny! I start the thread and the next day I get word of an interview. See you November 17th!
  14. Fellow Applicants, Just wondering if any Spokane campus applicants have received interviews (or rejection letters)? I applied on August 28th and got a "Criteria Met" email on September 26th. I got the same email again yesterday. Good luck all, A.J. Gray of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Spokane AMR Paramedic
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