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  1. UTRGV is probably the best school for medical Spanish. The university is about 20 minutes away from mexico and the majority of the community speaks English and Spanish. I am from the area and recently got accepted into the program so feel free to ask any questions
  2. My application says "Applied - Under Review by Program"
  3. Your self service will change once the graduate college approves it. I got accepted in early November and mine still hasn't been updated. I think they will update it once the full class is selected. Mrs. Mealer will probably respond after the holidays are over with.
  4. Undergrad Ed School: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Major: Biology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.64 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.60 Age at application time: 23 GRE: 285 Direct Patient Care: 1080- Medical Assistant at a Family Clinic 400- Diabetes point of care testing at an underserved clinic 100- Phlebotomist 50- Health Educator Total: 1580 Hours Health Care experience: 960- Zika Public Health Total: 960 Volunteer: 200- Volunteering at hospitals and free health expos and other events for my Pre-pa club Total: 200 Shadowing: 30 hours PA Organizations: AAPA, TAPA, JCAPSA, Pre-PA Society Letters of Rec: 4. 1 professor, 1 Supervisor Medical Assistant, 1 occupational therapist assistant, 1 Lead Epidemiologist Schools Applied: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, University of Texas Medical Branch, University of Texas Southwest, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Oklahoma City University, MCPHS Application Submitted Date: Early July Interview Invites: 3 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Oklahoma City University, University of Wisconsin-Madison Denied w/o interview: MCPHS Rejected after interview: Oklahoma City University Withdrew Application: None Waitlisted: None Accepted: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Attempt: 2nd My GRE was very low but still got interviews and I got accepted. I try to have a different background compare to other people, such as having experience working public health in epidemiology. I also got very familiar with my local PA program and helped them volunteering as a patient stimulation. I also join many organizations and attended conferences like AAPA, TAPA, JCASPA and my local Pre-PA club
  5. No not yet. Maybe they will send out the formal acceptance letters when they finish selecting the class or when they stop interviewing.
  6. Yes I was surprised they let me know so early, since they told me that they will notify people towards the end of the semester when I had the interview. Don't give up hope! I am sure the class cohort isn't full yet!.
  7. They are taken place in many different settings across the valley or even cities outside the valley if they can provided housing for the student.
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