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    Can anyone give me an idea about starting pay for a new grad MOHS PA? The clinic is in southern California and only does skin cancer removals. I am graduating in December and currenlty in the process of negotiating. I will be a new grad but this is a second career for me. I have 5 years experience working with a pharma company and 3 years of leadership experience managing a team of 12. So yes, I will be a new grad but not necessarily without any experience to add. What is a realistic training period? Do you work hourly/salary? Any recommedations or advice on pitfalls/things to stay away fr
  2. Any updates from new grads as far as starting salary?
  3. $500... You'll get a packet within a few days that explains when and where to send the money. Congratulations!
  4. Can someone give me an idea of what a production bonus structure is like for Derm?
  5. It is very stressful! Just be yourself, do your best and try not to think about how many spots are left. Even being placed on an alternate list is not a bad thing because spots always open up. Best of luck..!!
  6. I agree that it totally depends on the school. I took the GRE because some of the schools I applied to required students to get a satisfactory score. The requirement comes from the graduated school not from the PA program from my understanding so just do your best. Talk of my score never came up in the interviews.
  7. Micky, there are still spots or they wouldn't be doing interviews this month.
  8. Could you imagine the bottle neck this would create for certifying future PAs? Requiring a mandatory one-year internship for PAs would in essence create the same problem we have now with MDs getting into their residencies. Like it or not the reason this will not happen is because PAs are needed to save money... It is estimated that the government will be allocating 25 Percent of the national budget to health care by the end if this decade. The affordable care act's individual mandate will flood the system with an estimated 40 million newly insured patients next year in an attempt to help pay f
  9. The process at Shenandoah is really laid back and there weren't any surprise questions. Just be yourself and have fun! Good luck!!
  10. Ellebogar and Harvey, where are you guys from?
  11. I start PA school this summer. I would love to see experienced PAs teaching our program. I would not feel cheated at all to have non master's degree PAs because their Experience brings priceless knowledge and that's not something a master's degree can give. Just my opinion.
  12. Hey everyone, I know some people have already been accepted from the first two interview sessions so I wanted to start a thread for everyone to be able to communicate, get to know one another and possibly find housing info if needed. I have lived in Winchester for around a year so if anyone wants to know about the area or has any other questions, I'll do my best to help out! I look forward to meeting everyone!
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