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  1. As of now, program orientation will be on 8/3. Classes start 8/4. There will be a school wide orientation for all colleges on 7/31!
  2. Congratulations to those accepted to be a part of class of 2018!!! Here is the FB group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/352043938331238/?fref=ts Please join if you have accepted your admission and paid the deposits! We will verify with admissions office before we add you to the group! So very excited for you all to be a part of the Touro PA/MPH family! For those still waiting for news... good luck and hang in there!
  3. Hi Taylor, I am a current 1st year student at Touro University CA and would be more than happy to provide some insight if you have specific questions. The dual masters program is what attracted many of us to Touro CA, because of our passion for the field of public health. The classes for MPH definitely make the course load a lot heavier than it already is. However, I think it would really help us stand out as PAs with an MPH background.
  4. Hey guys! Just forwarding to you all what I know from email: Thank you for contacting us. Fall semester dates will be August 4-December 19, 2014, and we are looking to hold Orientation on Monday, August 4th. Should you choose to apply for the Bridge program, we are looking at July 21-August 1st for those dates. See ya'll then!
  5. Haha, yeah I had Tomi for lunch... not bad! I love TGI sushi too!!!! I live in San Jose.. sounds like we're right next to each other! As for housing, I haven't decided or looked yet.. since I am aiming to move in around when school starts in August.. Is it too early? Open to living with room mates as well as getting a single! With roommates probably a 2-3 bedroom apt/condo would be ideal! And I am from San Jose too! -Wendy
  6. I HAVE to jump in on this.. Tomi buffet in East SJ area? Just had this the other day! What huge dessert buffet :( I must have missed out.
  7. Hi everyone! Just want to join in and say hi! Can't wait to meet all of you!!!! Does anyone have details yet for physical/immunizations? I only have the list from what was in our interview folder... but am thinking we should be getting a more official notice?
  8. Hey Maricela! Yes I remember you girl..! I received the letter earlier this week. Maybe you can ask admissions and see if there are any updates? I really hope to hear good news from you soon...!
  9. Got my acceptance letter as well!!!!! Can't wait to meet everyone! To everyone else interviewing--best of luck!
  10. For the March 11th interviewees: I contact Naisha and was told that decisions will be set by next Monday...which should be mailed out then. Hope we all hear back soon!
  11. I haven't heard anything yet either. Hoping we all back soon :)
  12. Hi rea.martha! I wonder if you are able to take the shuttle service for drop off at the Faragutt Inn from the Marriot! Just a thought if you didn't want to deal with the hassle of driving :)
  13. Great ! Looking forward to meeting you. Are there anyone staying at the Marriot? It would be nice to meet up and get acquainted on Monday!
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