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  1. Hi guys, this is somewhat a related question. Was the NCCPA certification date the same as the date you took the PANCE or the day you received the results that you passed? I really appreciate any input! Thanks hazel
  2. Hello, Just wondering if the NCCPA certification date is the same as the ay you passed the PANCE? or is it the day you receive the test results? Thanks!
  3. please add me to the list as well... hdomingo@email.davenport.edu Thank you!
  4. Duke expanded their program from ~40 seats to ~80. This is because there is a DEMAND for PAs (specifically in the field of primary care) and it will continue to grow with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every year. With patient-centered medical homes set to gain leverage and with Obamacare coming into full effect next year, there will always be a need for more primary care providers. I am very excited (hopeful actually) to see healthcare turning away from tertiary care and more into preventive care, with PAs and NPs playing key roles in this transition.
  5. Got a call today that I was accepted! Thanks beattie228 for giving your seat up! :)
  6. just received an e-mail last night that I was not accepted! I interviewed on Dec. 15th. Good luck to the rest who are going to their interviews!
  7. I received an e-mail on the 15th inviting me for an interview on January 30th! It's a whole day event and I am allowed to bring one person during the morning activities. Wow, I am so impressed already.
  8. I also received an invite for Dec 15th and just completed my supplemental a week ago. I think I might be going to the January 26th inerview though because of work schedule conflict.
  9. Interviewing on December 11th! Wish me luck :;-):
  10. its not it's louder not more loud word. Most people are... science, specifically.. avoid using connectors (and, but... etc) too much nurse's aide, or nursing assistant, not Nurses aide where I learned a lot about what caring for someone really meant - try where I learned about what caring for someone truly meant this could be a new paragraph: Using the techniques you learn through medical training you can spread love to someone who needs it. You can help someone heal both figuratively and literally. By using the techniques you learn through medical training By working in the healthcare field, you can share love to someone who needs it. You can help someone heal both (figuratively and literally). help someone heal not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. After my graduation form Virginia Tech After graduating from VT They both inspire me to pursue this goal at all costs and to learn more each day. I was honored when they decided to write me recommendation letters to send to your school. Keep sentences short and direct to the point, avoid connectors (and, but, because, etc) I will work and I will fight to succeed at your school. I will graduate and strive to become a better practitioner each and every year. I will practice in a way that will make your school proud. I hope that you will give me a chance to show you all of these things. ----> don't beg like that. it sounds desperate like a politician asking for votes. be confident in your tone.
  11. to me, it seems like you wanna be a PA because you sucked at chem and couldn't be a pharmacist you should instead say that you excelled in anatomy and delete the chem part. say that in your interview instead ... or not. your essay should emphasize strengths
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