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  1. The school does not provide accommodations. However the program has agreements with many hotels to offer deep discounted rates for it's students. example: $30/ngt Eric PA-S UND PA Program Class of 2016
  2. The best way to find out if pre-reqs meet the program requirement is to call or email the program and give them: the course description, number of crredits, university where you took class and when. Eric PA-S UND PA Program Class of 2016
  3. Thanks for setting up the FB page. I'll be sure to post questions I have on there. Especially about study tips, time management, etc. I'm not too savy on FB but could try to set up a page for 2016 class...unless someone is interested? I may need some help organizing the page if I do it.
  4. This is great info Parker. Thanks a lot. I'll have more questions later. If it's ok, I'll post them on here in case others have the same question.
  5. Parker, I assume you will be starting your first 'on-campus' session very soon. Where are you (and classmates) finding lodging? Are you able to stay in any vacant dorm rooms or is the majority staying at a hotel? What do you wish you knew when you began the program? Eric
  6. I've been accepted as well. Very excited and 2016 doesn't seem far away at all!
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