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  1. VTruong09

    Rosh Review and ExamMaster

    How close are Rosh Review and ExamMaster to the actual PANCE test? Which one do you prefer?
  2. VTruong09

    EM Residency question...

    What's wrong with a CEP internship?
  3. VTruong09

    Define "Medically Underserved" area.

    How do I read the search results? (e.g. C.T. 0506.10)?
  4. VTruong09

    Ask a PA Admissions Director

    Hi I would like to know how is hospice CNA work viewed vs. hospital CNA work. Should my aim be moving my way to a hospital? In the meantime while I work as a hospice CNA, I plan to volunteer in the ER.

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