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  1. That is very much like my job. My title is "residential instructor" and we provide treatments for developmentally disabled and those with various mental illnesses. We do weekly vitals, pass meds, do BSL/ins injections, topicals, eye/ear drops/treatments, provide info to superiors if any consumer seems off baseline or is ill beyond given guidelines. At the places I plan to apply, this is considered HCE.
  2. Good luck to you all! I hope to be in your shoes this time next year!!! -gamecaco4
  3. I worked for WIC and plan to you that time as HCE. I was a client coordinator (front office and lab) doing clerical work, bp, lead testing, hemoglobin, ht/wt, etc. I was also a breastfeeding counselor for the county.
  4. Thank you so much! I am thrilled with these answers! On a side, our book, 2012 edition, really made me see just how "low" even the medical community sees PA's. On a chapter titled "Physicians and nurses", PA's weren't even mentioned! And, NP's were only listed under nurses, which also included NA/CNA, LPN, RN. I was really taken aback that NP's and PA's weren't put in under physicians. The next chapter did have PA's, but compared them to MA's, stating that MA's were the clerical part and PA's are supervised clinicians. I don't *think* our prof sees the profession in this light, but I'm definitely going to make sure my paper the PA role I in healthcare better than our book!
  5. I personally know of a child who had HTN and ended up on guanfacine after being taken off lisinopril. His HTN was near the point of normal for height/weight, but still slightly high for age. His nephrologist (hx of benign hypertensive renal disease after being born with hydronephrosis), psych, and ped all agreed that guanfacine would be a great choice for him and it was. His HTN leveled off and his ADHD symptoms were eased.
  6. I'm a *prospective PA student (applying next round, just finishing pre-req's) and have a class that requires I interview 2-5 professionals in my chosen career path. Although I would love to interview a local, practicing PA, the paper is due on October 2 and between my school/work/family schedule and the schedules of the PA's I've tried to contact, it just can't be done. Anyway, if anyone is willing to answer a few questions, I'd appreciate it. If possible, please include your name and where you're employed (or region of MI??). 1) How long have you been a PA? 2) How much contact do you have with your SP during a typical day? 3) How long did it take before you felt comfortable in your role as PA after you graduated? 4) What about your work would you most like to change? 5) What was your age when you began the PA program you chose? 6) What is your "specialty"? Thank you to any and all who respond. If you're not comfortable answering here, please feel free to email me at swartsm@gvsu.mail.edu or private message here. *I knew that. Thanks for pointing it out, JohnnyM2. O-Chem is taking over my brain.
  7. I have a position much like that. I'm a Residential Instructor for a 16 bed psych transition home. I pass meds, do BSL-INS, vitals, etc. I also cook, clean, lead groups, direct/redirect as needed and basically keep track of all of the residents daily comings and goings. I've been told it's acceptable by the schools I plan to apply to due to the med passes and healthcare needs.
  8. I'm currently a "residential instructor" for a company that owns/operates hundreds of AFC's throughout the country. I pass meds, take basic meds, deal with a wide assortment of mental illnesses (our "house" is dedicated to co-occurring mental illness and alcohol/drug abuse histories), create meal plans...the rest of my time is spent charting everything from BM's to aggressive behaviors to off baseline actions. Although while I'm doing my job, I don't feel that I'm preparing myself for any medical related field, I know that I am learning more about psych, communication, meds, etc.
  9. Looking for PA's to shadow in the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, or Lansing area.
  10. Thanks for the replies. No, I'm not his provider. I'm a student. And his parent. I've questioned why he continues to have meds added/changed instead of figuring out one or a treatment that works best. Hence the reason for our move 120 miles to a new city away from family and friends 5 months ago. We needed to get continuity of care for him and stop doing the Grand Rapids, Indiana border, Ann Arbor drives. Since late December, his dosage of zoloft and tenex has been decreased. Nothing has been added or increased. I hate that he's on so much and so do his new docs, so instead of messing with it, they wanted him to go to med management at a psych hospital to work it out. We're talking total med holiday now and starting from scratch. I know I'll get flamed here, but his previous psych recommended that we teach him to get his own meds. We monitored closely for the first several weeks and after, we would stay near, but not hold the bottles, dispense to him, watch him swallow, etc. He is very aware of what can happen if he takes even one more than he should so taking them correctly is one of his obsessions. And he's proud of that. Anyway, he didn't realize we refilled his geodon and we didn't realize he wasn't getting that one out for a few days. Basically, he went cold turkey on 40mg of geodon. Back on it Tuesday evening, he slept 12 hours and tics were diminishing by Wednesday morning. If anyone has any ideas as to other ways to help/parent/treat him, please do. Give me non-med ways to treat his phobias of bees and spiders, fear of public places, OCD, stimming, anxiety, depression (with no zoloft), SPD, and aggressive behavior (with no geodon). Let me know what we can do for him when he only sleeps 2-4 hours of sleep a night without any meds. He's in weekly OT, PT, behavioral therapy, and counseling, and monthly psych visits. I'm honestly open to any ideas. Oh, and we're also waiting for test results from a sleep study to confirm frontal lobe seizure activity.
  11. BSN is definitely my top choice right now. I have all of next year to take the pre-reqs for the PA program as I missed the deadline for the BSN application to start in May or August of this year. We shall see! advising appointment set up for the 16th.
  12. Before I get into it, "C" is a 10 year old aspergers patient. Dx with anxiety disorder, sensory disorder, depression, OCD (phobias). I am going to call his med management team in the AM to see if they want him in before his scheduled April 2 appt. C is on geodon, tenex, zoloft, and concerta. No new changes to his med regime aside from the addition of 3mg melatonin 2 weeks ago. Over the last 4 days, he can't sleep, has little focus, has been on/off super irritable, and has developed noticable tics aside from his usual stimming. His new symptoms include mouth/jaw movements, added hand/arm movements, ankle/lower leg movements, and full body "twitches" (like he got startled) several times a day. The first two days, he was incredibly irritable and barking demands and orders to his 7 year old sibling. Yesterday and today, he has been better, but defensive still. He hasn't slept more than 5 hours a night since last Thursday night. His phobias are of spiders and bees. Over the last week, with temps starting to warm up, he is more and more stressed by the impending arrival of those two things. Over the last two evenings, he's "seen" dots on the walls that he thought briefly (seconds) were spiders crawling all over his bedroom. What say you? Added symptoms due to fatigue/lack of sleep or something more?
  13. I'm not a nurse now. I wanted to go RN out of HS in 1998, but my mom is a nurse and I was a bratty teenager who wanted to move out. Had I gone RN, I was told I couldn't move out and had to go to the CC an hour away. I've never lost the desire to get into medicine and have regretted not doing it back then. I actually considered medical lab sciences awhile back and kind of forgot about it. It's something to look into, especially to compare pre-reqs for the PA program. Good point.
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