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  1. I have always wanted to work inthe medical field one way or another. It took me a while to figure out exactlywhat I wanted to do in the medical field. I became a pharmacy technician aboutfour years ago. Mainly because I needed a job that paid more than minimum wagesince I am a single mom going to through college. The other reason was to findout if that was something I would like to do as a career. After working in apharmacy for a few years I realized counting pills is not what I want to do forthe rest of my life. I knew I wanted to help people but the pharmacy is not theway I want to help. I want to have way more patient interaction than Icurrently do. I did not learn about what a physicianassistant was until I had my own experience with a physician assistant. A lightbulb went off after that encounter. So I decided to do some research about thecareer field. After learning what a physician assistant role was I decided thatit was the career I would like to have eventually. In my experience receiving carefrom physician assistants, I realized that physician assistants have themedical training to be confident in their field and provide excellent care totheir patients. I learned that physician assistants can greatly enhance thequality of care provided in a doctor’s office and hospital setting by splittingup the care between them and the doctors. My experiences with physicianassistants have led me to have a great appreciation for this career and I ammotivated to become a physician assistant. As an adult, and mother; myfamily and I on more than one occasion was cared for by a physician assistant. Ihave witnessed that a physician assistants have the ability and willingness totake the time to explain conditions, understand concerns, and answer questionswhich I find as an incredible relief. I believe that because of theoverwhelming patient load on doctors, sometimes they are unable to give thesame important attention that the physician assistant can provide. My positiveexperience with these physician assistants awoke a desire in me to provide thesame service to others.
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