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  1. Westfield State University Massachusetts https://www.westfield.ma.edu/academics/master-of-science-in-physician-assistant-studies/
  2. I was accepted to SHU, but will be attending another program- cGPA 3.1 sGPA 3.4 Undergrad: double major in Political Science and Mass Communications (Worked full-time as a full-time undergrad student) PCE: 23,000 hours as an ED tech at a level 2 trauma center. Volunteer: 300+ hours with multiple organizations including Hole in Wall Gang Camp, Special Olympics- Shadowing: 580 hours shadowing MDs and PAs in the Emergency Department, Ortho, Surgery, Primary Care and Hospital Medicine. Grew up on a large dairy farm, compete my horses in hunter/jumper competitions, trained as a television reporter, worked on a successful presidential campaign.
  3. Ha Ha! There is nothing cheap in the gold coast of CT!! I would see if you can get in touch with current students and see where they lived and how that worked out for them. If you have school aged kids keep in mind the public schools vary tremendously- Trumbull, New Cannan, Greenwich, Ridgefield are excellent, others not so much (there are some great private schools). You could probably find lower rentals north and east of Stamford but you will pay in commute time (anything in Westchester will be $$$$). Good luck!
  4. Although I declined SHU, I am from CT and thought I would give those of you not from the tri-state area a heads up- Stamford is crazy expensive to live in! (Like $1800+ for a 1B,1B!) You will be hard pressed to find anything cheap. Definitely find roommates to share a rental! Traffic is a nightmare! It took me 65 minutes to go 15 miles from Stamford to rt 8! The Merrit is awful if you are on during peak travel times (if you are heading south before 6am you should be good) It can take 2 hours to go the 40 miles from the main campus in Fairfield to Tandent center in Stamford if the pkwy is backed up and there are no good alternate routes. I'm not sure about public transport in Stamford (we've take metro north into the city which was fine) there are buses. I would not advise getting a place too far from Tandent center- and definitely pay for the parking- it would be super stressful to have an exam and not be able to find a free on the street spot! Good luck to you guys!
  5. I also received the waitlist to interview email. Fortunately I was accepted at two other programs and will be starting PA school in a couple of weeks!! Good luck to you all!
  6. Hi nataliec! Interviews ended in November. I received my acceptance call on November 7th (I'm pretty sure they all went out that day)- people accepted after that were spots that opened up from those of us who chose other programs. Last year I received the waitlist email from SHU in January.
  7. Hi op777! My overall gpa is 3.1, my science gpa is 3.4 ( I worked full time as a full time undergrad) my PCE consists of 23,000 hours working in the ED at a level 2 trauma center. 300 volunteer hours with a number of different organizations. I have accrued 580 shadowing hours (PA and MD in ED, Ortho, Hospital medicine and Primary Care. ( I also grew up on a large dairy farm, trained as a television reporter and worked on a Presidential campaign) Don't get discouraged if you don't get interviews on your first try - I was completely rejected my first CASPA cycle, last year I was waitlisted at SHU (rejected at the end of august when they filled the class) invited back again this year and got accepted ( I went with another program though) had I gotten in off their waitlist last year< I absolutely would have attended! If you can go to their open house I would highly recommend it! Try to get feedback on your application if you can. I think my work experience and diverse life experiences helped buffer my low gpa. Be determined and don't give up!
  8. Hi all! I made the difficult decision to give up my seat at Sacred Heart today because I will be attending another program. (Bittersweet because I love both programs. ) SHU is an amazing school and the faculty and staff are all wonderful! It makes my heart happy to know that giving up my spot will be life-changing for one of you (I was waitlisted last year so I know the stress of waiting! LOL!) I wish you all the best!
  9. Received an acceptance call this afternoon! Totally in shock (in a good way!! ) Feeling super grateful! Interviewed on September 27.
  10. Hi adsav, I've requested to join the fb group multiple times and my request keeps disappearing- what do I need to do to join? Please let me know! Thanks!
  11. I received a call this afternoon from the admissions committee- I was accepted off the waitlist!!! I am beyond grateful! Looking forward to January and meeting everyone!
  12. Received a waitlist email as well! I am very grateful for even being waitlisted! I love everything about their program and there were so many wonderful candidates at the interview it had to be difficult for them to choose! Good luck to everyone!
  13. The email invitation said the 2019 Westfield Interview Day is on Oct 6th. Last year we all interviewed on the same day (105 people split between am/pm slots) so I don't think there is another day unfortunately.
  14. Hi futurePA56- Overall: 3.1, Science: 3.4, (Worked full time as a full time undergrad student) 23,000 direct patient care hours as an ED tech at a level 2 trauma center. 580 Shadowing hours (in hospital medicine, orthopedics, primary care and ED) 300+ volunteer hours with multiple organizations. Trained as a television reporter, worked on a successful presidential campaign.
  15. Mine was submitted August 19, received confirmation/under review on August 20, interview invite on September 18-
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