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  1. Received an acceptance call this afternoon! Totally in shock (in a good way!! ) Feeling super grateful! Interviewed on September 27.
  2. Hi adsav, I've requested to join the fb group multiple times and my request keeps disappearing- what do I need to do to join? Please let me know! Thanks!
  3. I received a call this afternoon from the admissions committee- I was accepted off the waitlist!!! I am beyond grateful! Looking forward to January and meeting everyone!
  4. Received a waitlist email as well! I am very grateful for even being waitlisted! I love everything about their program and there were so many wonderful candidates at the interview it had to be difficult for them to choose! Good luck to everyone!
  5. The email invitation said the 2019 Westfield Interview Day is on Oct 6th. Last year we all interviewed on the same day (105 people split between am/pm slots) so I don't think there is another day unfortunately.
  6. Hi futurePA56- Overall: 3.1, Science: 3.4, (Worked full time as a full time undergrad student) 23,000 direct patient care hours as an ED tech at a level 2 trauma center. 580 Shadowing hours (in hospital medicine, orthopedics, primary care and ED) 300+ volunteer hours with multiple organizations. Trained as a television reporter, worked on a successful presidential campaign.
  7. Mine was submitted August 19, received confirmation/under review on August 20, interview invite on September 18-
  8. They could be holding your application if someone backs out of an interview slot, you could still get a spot! I just got an interview at another program (It's one I was waitlisted for, got rejected at the end of August, and now interviewing there again this Friday)as well and they only gave me a weeks notice! So don't give up hope!
  9. Hey Jlau22! I have the 11:30 time slot as well! I'm from CT. I'm so excited- can't wait!
  10. Hi HJB715, It was a combination of one on one, group activities, essay, a meet and greet with the current students, faculty, staff and other interviewees and ended with a sort of debreifing/meeting/Q&A session with all the faculty and staff
  11. Strangeways007, Thank you! And best of luck to everyone!
  12. Hi Pabug, I believe so- last year everyone interviewed on the same day, so it's probably the same. I think there was 105 of us. (yes it is for October 6th).
  13. Received an interview invite yesterday! So excited! Interviewed there last year and was bummed not to get a seat. The school is amazing. The students and faculty are super nice and the area is beautiful! Hoping the second times a charm! Can't wait!
  14. Congratulations on both your acceptance and baby! Only you know what you can handle. For me as a mom of three (8, 10 & 13 ) there is no way I would do a difficult Pa program with a newborn (unless you have a nanny) they don't sleep much and neither will you! (LOL!)None of mine were difficult babies but I still remember the exhaustion! Also Pa school will always be there, but your baby is a baby for a very short time you can't get that time back. I hope your program will work with you and let you defer for a year or two. Best of luck to you! Don't stress, it will all work out!!
  15. Hi AK2019! Hope to meet you as well! Where are you coming in from? I'm so excited! I love this school and the area! ?
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