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  1. Strangeways007, Thank you! And best of luck to everyone!
  2. Hi Pabug, I believe so- last year everyone interviewed on the same day, so it's probably the same. I think there was 105 of us. (yes it is for October 6th).
  3. Received an interview invite yesterday! So excited! Interviewed there last year and was bummed not to get a seat. The school is amazing. The students and faculty are super nice and the area is beautiful! Hoping the second times a charm! Can't wait!
  4. Congratulations on both your acceptance and baby! Only you know what you can handle. For me as a mom of three (8, 10 & 13 ) there is no way I would do a difficult Pa program with a newborn (unless you have a nanny) they don't sleep much and neither will you! (LOL!)None of mine were difficult babies but I still remember the exhaustion! Also Pa school will always be there, but your baby is a baby for a very short time you can't get that time back. I hope your program will work with you and let you defer for a year or two. Best of luck to you! Don't stress, it will all work out!!
  5. Hi AK2019! Hope to meet you as well! Where are you coming in from? I'm so excited! I love this school and the area! ?
  6. nickleENdime, wow! That is a long trip! I'm in CT so not too far of a drive! I look forward to meeting you!
  7. Hey nickelENdime, I have the 8:30 timeslot! How about you? Where will you be coming from? So excited, I can't wait!! ?
  8. Hi all! Does anyone happen to know the interview format? (I have an interview on Sept. 30) Would it be bad form to call and ask if that information was not included in the conformation email? Thanks! ?
  9. Hi Rev!

    Could you please add to your list- Massachusetts: Westfield State University



    Thank you!

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