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  1. Seats were offered to candidates number 1 and 2 on the wait list!!!! Movement has started :)
  2. Hi, hope classes are going well! I was curious, do you have any idea what's going on with the application process in regards to the wait list? I understand they've received their highest volume of applicants yet. It's been about three weeks since the alternate phone line was activated, and there's been no movement. I was curious of this was normal, or if we should expect less movement than usual due to the high applicant volume? Thanks so much for any info you can give :)
  3. Anyone have any idea when there's usually any movement on the wait list? They opened the call lines to see if there was any movement on Feb 27th.... it's been a few weeks since then and no movement, so of course I'm a little worried haha. Any information is appreciated, thank you so much!
  4. Hey Vlsmith, A letter of update is optional to send. First, yes, definitely send your newest transcripts with completed courses! They will definitely want that. As for the letter of update, I basically sent one in regards to anything new that has changed since my CAPSA submission. I sent a detailed update regarding my job position (it's not technicially direct patient contact). I described why it makes me a excellent candidate. I also mentioned a new job position as an EKG tech, as well as my plans to apply for another position in order to gain more hands on contact. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi Buncht1, Quick question, would you mind sharing your stats by chance? GPA, GRE, extracurriculars, experience? Since you applied only in Dec and received an interview, I feel you're a great example of what they're looking for! Thanks so much :)
  6. Thanks Oneal, I appreciate the info! I also submitted a letter of update today... hoping to hear something, anything! :) Can anyone elaborate on Knoxville? I've been to Nashville multiple times and have seen TN, but I would love it someone who knew Knoxville could give some details? Also, can anyone tell me how updated the pa program is? Submitting a secondary app that is not an electronic process worries me a little that they may not be at the highest up to date standards as other programs...
  7. Hey all! I'm a recent applicant to South College, just submitted last week! I know I'm pretty late, but I only discovered this program recently. Anyone have a good idea of what SC is looking for in an applicant? Are they big on GRE or patient care hours or gpas? Do they look more heavily at one aspect rather than others? Or do they look for things across the board? Any tips would be helpful. I'm also sending a letter of update today! Great to meet you all :)
  8. At this point, they're most likely only interviewing for waitlist spots, and I've heard the last interview date is end of Jan.
  9. Just a heads up to those still waiting to hear anything since your app was verified, I called admissions yesterday. As of right now, they interview through January, whether or not they will add anymore interview dates, they're not sure. As of right now they're mainly interviewing for wait list only spots. From my experience though last year, my app said it was under review/consideration through April, where I finally received a rejection letter. So if you haven't heard anything yet, consider applying to a few more schools that still are taking admissions or work on your plan B. Don't keep
  10. From what I've heard from past applicants and students... if you haven't received an invitation for an interview yet, it's not a good sign and you should definitely start considering back ups or submitting applications to other schools you may be interested in. Good luck everyone :)
  11. If anyone hears from MWU regarding an interview for the January date, please post here! I'd be great to know when theyr'e sending out invites for that date. Thanks so much :)
  12. They will tell you that your app is under review basically until February. I actually called last year in February and that's exactly what they said, "We have no information except that your app is under review." Bascially those of us who have not yet heard anything... may not until the rejection letter comes round March or April :(. I'm going to check out some other pa schools still accepting apps for more back ups, those of you that haven't heard yet should consider doing the same. Goodluck everyone! :
  13. Anyone know when they've usually filled all the open slots, and are basically only interviewing for the alternate list?
  14. Thank so much Strawmaryblonde! I'm going to go ahead and submit my second score then. It's more even overall across and my total does go up by one point. Thanks again! :)
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