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  1. I just started a new job that uses Nextgen. I have used epic for 8 years at my previous office. Are there any support sites for nextgen to learn tips or helpful hints. I'm stressed about how complex it seems to be to do any task. Anyone who uses Nextgen, is there a way to send letters to patients that includes recent lab results. On Epic I could just go to letters when I was reviewing a person's labs and send them their results along with any remarks I wanted to include. I haven't seen many if any positive comments about Nextgen.
  2. I think my concern comes from the expectation of the patients that they have the option to see a doctor when they come to our office. It's not the norm in our area to have an office with no MD ever available. I have been practicing close to 20 years now and feel comfortable when working alone or with the other PA. I'm family practice/internal medicine and we have a large amount of medicare/medicaid complex/non-compliant patients. The issue as well comes from having so many more of these patients when the doctor leaves. Our volume of patients can range from 16-26 in a day on average. Its nice
  3. The other PA and myself at my office are soon to be without an MD in our office. Multiple doctors/practitioners, staff are leaving this corporation due to dissatisfaction. Despite giving a 3 month notice and the other MD giving a 3 month notice prior, there has been no attempt to replace either doctor. I feel the "leadership" of the company is planning to stretch the guidelines for on-site supervision as far as they can. They already have another office with 1 NP and 1 PA who have been without an MD for 8 months now. That PA said her new supervising MD has never been to their office.
  4. Interested in finding out more what it's like working for a VA outpatient clinic. There is one not to far from me and I'm considering looking into it as an alternative to my outpt corporate run FP/IM job. I have been told that benefits such as vacation time are good, but I'm interested in the day to day patient load, types of patients, what is expected at a clinic visit - example is this where patients get PAPs, EKGs, X-rays etc. Are there same day sick visits or is it mostly chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, HTN, etc. Thanks!
  5. This is how the following article starts, worthy of a read. Probably won't turn heads of suited admins who count beans. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4617939/ The VA is ALL internal medicine - all day long - all the time. Polypharmacy, multiple chronic medical problems, PTSD, etc. My schedule will never see more than 14 patients in a day - period. However, private and corporate practices don't care - money over everything. All the providers have to support non-income producing suits that seem to keep overpopulating like rabid bunnies.
  6. Anyone have input on working at the VA?I am in Virginia Beach and would be looking into working at the outpatient clinic in VB.
  7. Oh it is a nightmare. Pts can come late to appointments and if I don't fit them in to my already filled 25 pt schedule, then I'm asked by management why I'm "refusing" to see them. Then of course the patients get the surveys if they were seen within 15 minutes of their appointment time, if we spent enough time with them, if they get calls back the same day, if they get an appointment as soon as they ned one. Of course patients are now considered our "customers". All the signs in the breakroom advise us how to keep our "customers" satisfied. Like I said, I'm baffled why they are pushing provi
  8. Yep I'm salary. So sad that the answer seems to be to leave. Especially since there is a primary care shortage. It almost seems like these corporations want us to leave. Its so bad that an internal medicine doctor who just joined us in February with 25+ years experience is leaving already. He said he can't work like this, and he has been seeing less pts than I do because he is new to the office. Some of these pts I have seen for nearly 20 years and sad that seemingly I will be forced to leave. Going to another primary care office wouldn't be an option b/c its just the same thing different
  9. I've worked in Primary Care for 19 years. 12 years with a private solo doctor until he retired and then the past 7 at a corporate hospital owned outpatient primary care office. There was a merger a few months ago and dozens of providers were let go. Those of us left were given essentially an ultimatum to be at or above the 65% for WRVUs. With the layoffs and subsequent providers quitting, our schedules are being jammed full day after day. The other PA and I have no say in anything with our schedule. No limit to # of new patients in a day, physicals, complex patients, patients who can't get in
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