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  1. I wish there was a PA school close enough to Hood River to commute to..I love it there
  2. I got accepted into 2 schools. I got accepted into a school in the state I want to practice in, but I don't know if its the best option because its a newer private school plus its much more expensive than the other school I could go to (which is in state and not where I want to practice after graduation) If I stay in-state would it be much more difficult to get a job out of state as oppose to going to the school within that state I want to live? I don't want a ton of debt but as the same time I don't want to sacrifice any networking opportunities. For those who have done this, was it di
  3. Too bad I dont know how to delete threads cuz obviously this isnt going anywhere and I dont have time to fight on the internet..
  4. Seriously..? I KNOW the feeling of having tourists take over. I'm in Orange County ATM home of "surf city, USA/ paradise" blah blah blah. Theres really no reason to to get your panties in a bunch, no one in California wants to invade Oregon(except a few rich people who are into crappy weather)..whenever I mention my love of OR to anyone in Cali (including friends in norcal) all I get is "WHAT..why would you want to leave?"
  5. Primadonna is truly inspiring/a genius.. I've been stalking her posts since before I joined the forum and the more I learn the more impressed I am! 34 credits..! Im just a Pre-PA now and I hate to bother you guys (just ignore this and I wont post on this thread again) Is there anything you wish you would've done differently in your first years of college to prepare for that kind of load?
  6. I certainly hope its not true. I did talk to a friend living in Portland who was saying something about because the economy is so bad there lots of Oregonian's are getting their homes foreclosed and "obnoxious californians" are paying cash for these homes..(I'll stop there because obviously this doesn't have much to do with being a PA)
  7. I really want to work in Oregon(I spent my childhood there and love it) but The PA im shadowing told me that its pretty impossible to get hired in oregon if you are from CA/ went to school in CA because Oregonians discriminate against Californians. Has anyone heard anything about this? I'm really hoping I can go to school in Oregon so that employers won't be tempted to discriminate haha
  8. Wow this is the edited version of your post because the original was "overly abrasive"? Someones having a bad day. Obviously you are ignorant of what is actually in these vaccines(specifically the flu vaccine) and the health problems they can cause. Do a little research or perhaps just don't attack someone for asking if they can decide if they wanna shoot chemicals, fillers and small doses of poison into their body.
  9. Seriously.. Why does everyone say that PAs are so very in demand if we have to move out to the boonies to get work? Thats pretty much how it is for every other career in this economy. Plus there's basically no job security. Im not sure why so many PAs are telling college kids its the most amazing job..
  10. PAs are already over educated for the respect/pay and in most cases responsibilities they have.
  11. Do any PA students do research or try to get published?
  12. Legally can a MD fire me if I refuse to get vaccinated?
  13. If I cant get into derm I am gonna have to go into another specialty, and im hoping this would be temporary and I could switch into derm later? Please excuse my complete ignorance, but do I need to do a derm residency before I can get a job as a derm PA or if I am a family med PA can I just apply for a derm job?
  14. I really want to become a derm pa, but what if I cant get into this specialty? Every dermatologist I have seen has used nurses and not pa's also so I wonder if it is harder to get a job even if you "get in". I honestly just want to be a derm PA, and if i cant then I dont want to be a PA at all. If I cant then I would want to just become a dermotologist but I hear there is no guarantee of getting into derm as an MD either? I would be devastated going through PA or Med school dreaming of becoming a derm PA and then being forced to go into another specialty. Any advice is much appreciated:)
  15. I've been going back and forth for awhile now on pursuing PA school vs. Psych school (clinical psych or school psych). COMPLETELY different career paths, I know. Im planning on shadowing some PA's and some Psychologists if I can't make up my mind soon. Any insight is appreciated.
  16. What can PA's do to make more money?(promotion wise?) Any other options besides starting their own clinic or being the chief PA? Sorry this is off topic but I think you already got a lot of good advice/options OP
  17. Seems annoying. Why do PA's have to renew their license every 2 years?
  18. I know there are tiny women who are muscular and tough. I should've just said it isn't for me.
  19. I am just being honest and realistic (and trying to be funny maybe). PA's don't really get anything out of having people shadow them. And I am 5'1 and 100 pounds. Not exactly an ideal candidate for the military. I am confident that I will do whatever it takes to become a PA (working full time right now, keeping gpa close to perfect, and living on my own supporting myself) Im not depressed or unmotivated, but even when I do get sad I always stay positive and keep a smile on my face. Im sorry if I came across as whiny or as someone with no confidence.
  20. Thank you all for your stories and suggestions. I feel more confident in my decision to pursue paid HCE even though my "goal school" doesn't require it. I also plan on doing some really short-term shadowing with a couple PA's in different fields. After reading all these posts I think HCE and shadowing are both valuable to a pre-PA
  21. Ha okay I admit the name of the thread is pretty deceptive..;) YES this is exactly how I feel I am SO excited to shadow some PA's!!! And even though it might be a drag to have kids follow me around at work I will let PA wannabe's shadow me. You are so lucky to have that experience! You sound like you are gonna make an excellent PA.
  22. Okay wrong word choice.. What is considered the most applicable HCE to being a PA? MA? (Generally speaking, obvi your HCE is the most applicable to being a Emergency Medicine PA)
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