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  1. Try calling up there to check and see if they will give you an update!
  2. Hey everyone! So excited to meet all of you soon... I sent a request to join the FB group on Monday but still have not been added. Can someone add me to it possibly? Let me know, thanks!! Monique Obadia
  3. I just declined an offer to interview for this Saturday as I have accepted a seat in another program. I hope it opens up a spot for someone else!! Good luck to everyone!
  4. I just got the call and e-mail that I have been accepted from off the alternate list! I almost fainted. This is my third time to apply to PA school so please do not give up hope if you have not been accepted yet. I promised myself that the first thing I would do once accepted is e-mail the Pre-PA society that I co-founded at my alma mater to do a quick talk of advice and encouragement because boy, have I been on a journey to get here. Please do not give up if this is your ultimate dream, it will happen some way or another. They do come true :)
  5. I received that e-mail as well. Does anyone know if any rejections have been sent out at all or if just anyone who has not been invited to interview is still being considered?
  6. I called yesterday and was told that all acceptances have been given out already and that the applicant accepted offers have been pretty steady. Keeping fingers crossed for all the fellow alternates out there!
  7. Has anyone on the alternate list been offered a seat yet? I am still remaining hopeful that some seats will open up soon!
  8. I am in the same boat! I interviewed here once before and was invited in February, don't lose hope!
  9. Sorry to hear that Yuliyasky, did you have an interview? All the best of luck at other programs for you!
  10. I am wondering the same. Does anyone know if all decisions have been sent out?
  11. Thanks for the update! I have been obsessively checking my phone for a call/e-mail. Did you happen to ask how many spots have been filled so far? Good luck to everyone still patiently waiting :)
  12. Same here, Oct. 3. It seems that a number of people were given early acceptances and then they will review the rest of the applicants and decisions will be known sometime in January. Although waiting is the hardest part, we should all be very proud that we were offered interviews! Best of luck to everyone, with this school and any other program that you have interviewed at!
  13. Congrats, how exciting!! I still have my fingers crossed tightly! Did they call you today?
  14. I called yesterday too! She told me that no one would hear anything until early January. I remember them saying at the interview that we would hear early December as well. Also, there is a handfull of applicants who have already been offered seats. Oh well, hurry up and wait it is! Just keeping thinking positive :)
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