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  1. Hello, 3rd year (done in August) IU MPAS student here! Yes, IU does have have a cadavar lab, used during the summer anatomy course. Only 4 students per cadavar, so it's very hands on! Not sure why were are not on the list, I was wondering that myself when I scrolled through the list today. We are provisional accreditation as we are a new program, but we are working hard to get full accreditation. All new programs/schools must go through this process.
  2. I need advice! Some of my classmates are looking into taking one of the 5-day PANCE reviews prior to starting clinicals in September to refresh everything from didactic year. Would this be beneficial? Or a waste of time and money? Thanks!
  3. Congrats! I'm interviewing on the 11th as well!
  4. Undergrad Ed School: Indiana University - Major: Kinesiology, Minor: Medical Sciences Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.47 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.45 Graduate Ed School: None Cumulative Graduate GPA: None Science Graduate GPA: None Age at application time : 24 1st GRE: 510 Verbal, 760 Quantitative, 3.5 Analytical Direct Patient Care : (type & hours): Clinical Assistant (for Orthopedic surgeon) - 1200 hours, CNA - 375 hours, Hospice Volunteer - 80 hours, Haitian Medical trip - 16 hours Shadowing: ~90 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: Division I athlete (Big Ten Conference), Hospice Volunteer Schools Applied: Arcadia University, Butler University, Methodist University, Ohio Dominican University, PCOM, Rosalind Franklin University, Rush University, Salus University, Indiana University Application Submitted Date: 10/25/12 Schools Received Application Date: 11/30/2012 Interview Invites: Indiana University, Rush University, Rosalind Franklin University (so far!) Denied: None (yet!) Withdrew Application: None Waitlisted: None (yet!) Accepted: Indiana University
  5. Me too! Missed the called yesterday and he called back today while I was at work! I am so excited!
  6. Just received a generic email saying they would choose their charter class by January 31st....anyone else get this? Or anyone accepted yet? I guess it wasn't a denial!
  7. Rush was my stretch school as well...and I got invited for an interview today. Now I've got to find my huge stack of med term note cards and get studying! I interview on January 11th. Who knows if there will be any seat available then. I'm most nervous about the essay. Was it terrible??
  8. I started the application when it first opened (May..or June??), sent in all my transcripts and patient care forms soon after, but got held up with my essays...didn't submit those till the (first) deadline in October. I interviewed November 14th. This was my first every interview for a PA program and I think it went fairly well. Of course I wish I could go back and answer some things differently, but for the most part I was happy. There are two interviews, with two interviewers in each. I felt fairly comfortable and not too terribly intimidated. Good luck with everything!
  9. Barry- I think we interviewed at the same time?? I got an email today from Dr Kelton asking for patience in the process of choosing the class and that they'd be in touch soon. Not sure if that's good or not...hah! I would love them to make a decision ASAP though! Kristen
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