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  1. First off I apologize if this topic is somewhere in the mix, just couldn't find something relating to my situation. Ok, so I have a degree already, currently trying to finish off a few pre-reqs. Since a person is not eligible for financial aid, and Im assuming only loans, does that option fall under FAFSA? Or could a person enroll into graduate courses and then be eligible for financial aid? If anyone is currently finishing up science pre-reqs and you have a degree, it would be greatly appreciated if you could chime in on how you approached the costs issues. Your time and comments
  2. Could a current FP student please contact me via PM? I have several questions about the school and would like an inside opinion. Thanks, Scott
  3. Just curious what current students think about the program, faculty and the town of Loretto? Thanks, Scott
  4. CHS-Out of Florida, that's a negative ghost rider. I sent you a PM.
  5. Just because someone is charged or involved in a crime does not mean they will be convicted. I'm asking because usually a Domestic Violence charge ending in conviction leads to a felony. And as you know that would cause all kinds of problems across the board with not just the medical field but any job in general including all the other things that have been mentioned thus far.
  6. Im a Pre-PA, but PM me and I can lay it out to you. I have researched this one a lot and found some very interesting things.
  7. WOW...You guys really opened my eyes to some things. Thank you for keeping it real.
  8. Are there any current or past students from the University of South Dakota? If so, can you please PM me? Thanks, Scott
  9. I think just about any community college that offers an allied health program would have an online medical term class. I also know that Chemetka Community College offers a lot of classes online and I think it costs like $89.00 per credit hour.
  10. Ariel802: Winner winner, chicken dinner, you are right, but......Under the "NEW" 2010 U.S. Dept. of Education rules for distance education, "Kansas" is (1) of 4 states that the University of Wisconsin CAN NOT accept applications from in regards to the distance program. Doesn't make any sense at all, but the feds think they got it all figured out.
  11. Swimbikerun4fun: Are you sure? Because when I talked to them they said that they would not accept EMT or CNA, which in the state of Kansas those two fields require license/certification. The gal then said that those two fields did not demonstrate direct patient care, and then went on to say that I had to either be a RN or a Paramedic.
  12. Ok, I called UND about their online/hybrid program. They will not accept you unless you have a current licensure as a nurse or paramedic.
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