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  1. Girl...I suspect if you've got a student ID# then you got in!! I had the same thing happen to me, then I got my letter in the mail 2 weeks later. I don't want to jinx anything but...CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. OK NVMND here is a group page that Katrina Forrest started : https://www.facebook.com/groups/568418413172076/
  3. OK NVMND here is a group page that Katrina Forrest started : https://www.facebook.com/groups/568418413172076/
  4. Congrats everyone...but I gotta give a shout out to Group A!!! lol jk Join the group on FB!!!
  5. I started a FB website..FYI https://www.facebook.com/TU2016
  6. Hey all!! I started a FB page for the class of 2016, please join if you accept Touro's invitation! Congrats!! DMA https://www.facebook.com/TU2016
  7. Hey guys! Hang in there!!! I think snail mail is still in store for you! Everyone on the 27th I met was an all star candiate! I believe she did state they would issue phone calls, however, I received an email; I believe an exception due to my location over seas. It can take (no joke) 4-6 weeks to receive regular mail here, and there's no way they were going to call an international #. lol I hope we get to start classes together soon!!
  8. Hey there aoc1289!!! I'm good, Germany is cold and snowing!! How are things with you?
  9. I think I ended up taking your slot for the interview, your name was still on the agenda sheet. Not sure if I got in, but really hoping I did! Thanks and good luck to you!!
  10. Congratulations everyone, for completing the interview! I'm sure everyone knocked 'em dead and only good things will come from that day.
  11. I received that email on 20AUG, the same day I submitted my supplemental application and was invited for an interview 21SEP. So about a month after that email. Hope that helps!
  12. Does anyone who has already interviewed want to give an example of the "Ethical Scenerios" consisted of? Was the expected question "Why do you want to be a PA"? asked? I'm prepping!!! Excited!!
  13. Hey all you 27Nov interviewees! Just thought I would start a little section for this group..how many of us are there?
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