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  1. I think that the post that the moderator gave is sound advice. If you can demonstrate patient care during you HCE many programs will take it.
  2. This is just a quick shout out to all of those pre pa students with "unconventional" health care experience. There is a feel among the pre pa community that being a paramedic or a nurse is the way to be the perfect applicant. I know that not everyone thinks this, but I hear it enough to where I want to give some hope to those who may have some experience that is a little different. I am a COA (Certified Ophthalmic Assistant) this is a valid form of HCE(Health Care Experience) for pre pas. COAs: Collect histories of present illness. Have knowledge about the effects of common syste
  3. I am looking at applying to schools that have December deadlines. Lots of these schools are not ranked high. One example is Turo in Nevada. I would love to go to one of these schools. I don't care about rank at all, but I would like to have an equal shot at a residency if I decide to go that route. My question is does the school you go to affect your chance at getting into a good surgical or em residency.
  4. I didn't know that pre-reqs expire. Could you tell me when this happens?
  5. I also have been working with rodent models so I will have to find a way to get some HCE. What took you three years to get certified to do? Why didn't you just do phlebotomy or take a EMT class.
  6. I just decided that I wanted to be a PA. The issue is that I have no work experience in health care. I spent most of my years planning to go to graduate school. I have accumulated 2 years worth of experience and most of that research experience has been paid. My question is whether there are PA programs that emphasize research over work experience. Thank you.
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