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  1. Congrats to everyone who has gotten in, my name is Cassandra and I'm originally from the Valley but currently reside in Fort Worth. I was wondering if any of you all had any information on the scholarships they mentioned during our interviews. I tried contracting Financial Aid today and they had not heard of it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to meeting all ya'll soon.
  2. Kuervo Jones: I also was in a state of panic and called to confirm. Congrats to you and Neuro can't wait to meet you all in person. If there is a FB group started let me know and I'll join in and we can talk more logistics.
  3. I haven't heard anything, would really like to know whether the class size increase got approved. I believe UTPA is on spring break right now so we may have to hold tight for a few weeks still.
  4. For those of you interviewing on March 2nd, could y'all maybe post later whether the increase from 50 to 80 was approved. Good luck!
  5. Don't they do one email at the end of January/February with acceptance/wait list?
  6. I haven't heard anything just yet. Neo, by chance do you know if they send out denial letters once they review your application?
  7. Wesr_gordon I worked for PhysAssist for 3 years. http://www.iamscribe.com They were the first scribing company to form, however, they may not be in your area so that will also be a factor. If not Scribe America is another big one.
  8. I say apply anyway. As long as you complete all the pre-reqs necessary, having an uncommon major could work in your favor.
  9. Thank for the information Kt. Was wondering the timeline of the invites from different schools.
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