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  1. If you click on the hyperlink that I posted @Flaquita <--- and press the envelope button , you can message her.
  2. @FlaquitaMade a fb group for accepted students (separate from the one Ms.azor will send us) for anyone that wants to join and get to know each other. Message her for the link!
  3. From reading the previous years forum, I noticed that someone said we will recieve a fb group invite from Ms. Yasmine azor instead of making one up ourselves. Anyone else read that too?
  4. I don't think there is a fb group but I'd love to join one if there is! I can't wait to meet you guys!
  5. Got my acceptance email too! Im am so excited!!! Interviewed on 3/3 as well. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.
  6. Did they tell you when they were going to let you know of their decision?
  7. I submitted my supplemental app last week. No idea whether or not all the seats would be taken yet but, I am super grateful that I got the invite at least. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!
  8. Decisions are now being sent by the end of this month so im guessing by sometime next week we all should hear something.
  9. Is it safe to say that they are interviewing into the end of May?
  10. It's April 5th, we should be hearing something sometime this month. Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
  11. Don't give up hope because you never know. Someone else who got accepted said they interviewed on April 1st or something like that. A month and a half of waiting for a response sucks but what can we do? Based on past cycles, I believe that rejections come out first before acceptances sometime in April. Whether or not that stays the same I dunno.
  12. I suggest looking a few pages in this forum. It was mentioned not too long ago! Congratulations and good luck!
  13. I honestly think if anyone wanted to find out they should just email them at this point. They are honestly really nice and most likely will give you a direct answer. If anyone is still waiting I highly suggest it and if they say there is another session, post it here for the others to know too! This wait has been a bit killer but April is right around the corner. We are almost there...
  14. Wait so there was a 3/10th interview day? I thought it was only the 3/3 and 3/8. If thats true then most likely there is one more possibly two. (Based from past years)
  15. Yeah that is really strange. Maybe they are backed up this year?
  16. Wait so besides 3/3 and 3/8, there hasn't been any other interview days?
  17. Any new updates with anyone? Have they sent out more interview invites?
  18. If your waiting you could send an email out to them. I am also curious because covid changed their usual interview dates.
  19. I just want to say good luck to whoever is interviewing this week or next as well as send some positive vibes to the people who are still waiting to hear back! I know this month can be stressful and worrisome but know that we are all in this together!
  20. The sophie davis biomedical education program at the cuny school of medicine contains a PA program and a Medical school. In order to get accepted into the cuny school of medicine's PA program you have to be invited to an interview. This is standard for all PA programs in the U.S.A. Their website contains all the information you need in terms of this particular program. https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/csom/physician-assistant-program If you have any admissions questions like this, I suggest you contact the school directly. They are really nice and would shed more light on how th
  21. Absolutely yeah. Pre-covid times, they had 4 interview sessions held on each Friday of the month. Now, it seems that they have interview days so far on 3/3, and 3/8. So there have to be at least 2 more dates for this month.
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