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  1. Please send me a text so we can add you on the chat.
  2. I’m going insane too, (refreshes email for the 8900th time)
  3. Yes no one has received anything for the 21st yet. I guess I’ll be waiting till Friday desperately.
  4. Has anyone who hadn’t received an invite received it today? They are supposed to keep on sending till this Friday.
  5. I would also love to meet to study, if you can please contact me at claud733@gmail.com Thank you,
  6. Im about to finish my PA program and was looking to get into the surgical PA. is there a difference? is it a different degree? FYI i am a certified Surgical Technologist if that helps! PLEASE Help! Thank you!
  7. im sorry if this is not related but how can i create a thread it says theres a button and i cant find it anywhere . please help!!!
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