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  1. Prior to seeing the school, I did not know much about the school besides what I read online. I knew they were on probation status, but I wanted to check out the school anyways. When I interviewed at the school last week, I had nothing but good a vibe and experience throughout that time. The chair was open and honest about the probation status. He informed all the interviewees in the beginning of the session that the school was placed on probation and explained their plan to resolve the issue. Knowing the school's reputation in the healthcare education, I am confident that school will do whatever it takes to comply with the board standards. During the interview, I was interviewing the faculty and current students as much as they were interviewing me. The program is solid with staff that wants only their students to succeed. All the faculty were open and honest. They had nothing to hide when I asked them questions in regards to the program and preceptors' perspective about their students. The current students were welcoming, honest, and helpful. They even gave out their emails if we needed to contact them for ANY questions. I have been to other interviews where current students were not friendly and felt obligated to show the interviewees around. I have seen faculty member at another school put interviewees on the spot and made them feel uncomfortable. My interview at AT Still was a fun and memorable experience.
  2. LOL, creating an account to put down a school. Sad....
  3. That is an interesting study. Reason I am asking is because when I went to check out a school, I was told that as a PA I would not need to know human anatomy in such detail unless I was going to be a surgeon. Cadaver dissection uses up a lot of time and that time could be spent else where in studying.
  4. How useful is doing dissections in PA school vs just looking at the cadaver during anatomy?
  5. Agreed with fireguy. You did the crime so now you do your time and move on. Learn from you mistakes and dont let it happen again.
  6. Good luck everyone, I'm giving up my interview spot.
  7. Mind sharing how you made your decision? Feel free to pm me.
  8. Just got an email stating 46/50 spots is already taken. Good luck everyone.
  9. Hi Rev, thanks for your advices. I believe I understand your points in not having experience as a "PA" is fine as long as the applicant can make up in other areas. I read many hiring ads that have requirements stating must have X amount of years in "this field" and "prior X experience is preferred". When applying for PA jobs in the future, I would hope that I do not get eliminated just because I am a new graduate. During my PA interviews, I was one of the very few "non traditional" applicants in their early 20s and when we all graduate looking for jobs, this may be to my advantage.
  10. I have been searching the job market for PA positions in varies states and many jobs require 1-5 years of experience. Is this a problem for new graduates?
  11. Was it at a discounted price compared to market value?
  12. how is the program so far? Can you give us some pros and cons about the school and program.
  13. I really wanted to thank you all for responding to the thread. When I went in for interviews, i felt older than the other applicants. I just got my first acceptance and will be starting school when im 31. My gf parents think I'm a bit old to be going back to school and should be working in a career instead. I feel much better now knowing that I'm not the only few out there.
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