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  1. I interviewed in September, one of the first interview sessions they had. As some previous candidate's said, some got pulled off the alternate list that interviewed recently (February), and some got pulled off that interviewed early on, such as in September like myself. It seems to vary based on the ranking system they have, but it also seems that they just started pulling people off the list so hopefully word of your status will get back to you sooner rather than later! Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone! I recently got accepted off the alternate list last week!! :) Words cannot describe my excitement. I am waiting to hear back from other recent interviews, though, and then it's decisions, decisions! Good luck to everyone else still waiting to hear back/interviewing!
  3. Thanks @PAorBUST! Did you recently interview for the program or are you a current student?
  4. Me too!! I got the interview invite last night by email for January. So exciting!!
  5. Thanks @fdamico1985! I've been reading your posts on MWU'S forum and I sincerely appreciate all your positive and helpful feedback :) hopefully I'll hear some good news sooner rather than later! I really enjoyed my interview experience here and would love to be apart of the program!
  6. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread regarding the alternate list for MWU's class of 2015! Anyone else on the alternate list or know much about it? I was placed on the list after my interview in September. Let's try and keep each other positive! :)
  7. No problem @ttt88! My brother is a current PT student at Western U, and he spoke with current PA students who said that they didn't get their interview invites until January/February. Many of them were also on the "hold" for an interview status. It seems to be looking like we may just have to wait a couple more months to hear anything. Keeping my fingers crossed and staying hopeful! :)
  8. Hi all! So I recently got accepted to PA school for the 2013 entering class (class of 2015), and although I'm very excited to begin the process, I've got to thinking how this will effect my plans to get married in the future. I have been with my boyfriend for the past 6 years (high school sweethearts :)), and although we have known for the past couple of years now that we are going to get married, we have always put our career goals first. During undergrad we never made plans to get engaged because a) we were poor undergrad students and didn't have enough money, and b) we both knew I had plans to enroll in graduate school out of state and didn't want to spend the first couple years of marriage apart. Now that I am officially accepted and my boyfriend has a career as an engineer, we have began discussing when would be the most appropriate/fitting time to get married while completing my PA education. I am from Minnesota and going to PA school out of state. We both know we want to get married during the summer months, because if you've ever been to Minnesota you may know how crazy the weather can be in any other season :) My question then is, would it be better to get engaged and be planning during the first year of PA school and get married halfway through? Or during the clinical rotations and get married the summer following the 2nd year around the same time you need to be prepping for the PANCE exam?! I am aware how busy and hectic PA school is going to be, so if anyone has any input from their own experiences of being enrolled in PA school and/or being engaged or getting married while in school I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you all for you help!! :)
  9. I also recently emailed Michael when we could expect to hear back regarding interview invitations, and he said they most likely won't start extending them until January. Looks like it's going to be a long waiting game! I was placed on the "hold for an interview" status a couple months ago, as well.
  10. Has anyone heard anything yet regarding invitations to interview for the class matriculating in 2013?!
  11. Yes, this is basically what happened. I received an email from Bonnie saying there was an opening Nov 2 and the first to respond would get it. I responded and my interview dates were switched.
  12. My interview just got moved from January 11th to November 2nd! Only a couple weeks away! Anyone who's already interviewed have any input they'd be willing to share? Types of questions/what to prepare for? Anything would be greatly appreciated! :)
  13. Got my acceptance call today as well!! Yessss! Soo incredibly exciting, I still can't believe it :)
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